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Puigdemont brings together the government between tensions in the independence bloc

The defense committees of the Republic convene a rally in front of the Palau de la Generalitat to request that independence be declared

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Puigdemont brings together the government between tensions in the independence bloc

Meetings in last hours, in and out of Palau de la Generalitat, both hard core of Catalan government and entities sovereigntists ANC and Òmnium. Tensions in independence bloc are evident at only 48 hours for Senate to address vote to implement article 155 of Constitution.

The Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, has convened an extraordinary meeting of his Government in afternoon of this Wednesday to analyze situation at a time when re are all kinds of messages crossed within independence among supporters of Unilateral declaration of independence and those who want to slow it down. In addition to his advisors have attended Palau de la Generalitat former president Artur Mas and leaders of two civil independence entities, Catalan National Assembly and Cultural Òmnium. Also participating in meeting were President of Junts PEL Yes, Lluís Coromines, spokesman of ERC, Marta Rovira, and President of Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI), Neus Rainas.

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  • Puigdemont will not go to Senate neir tomorrow nor Friday
  • Citizens close ranks with Rajoy on application of article 155
  • Puigdemont will not go to Senate neir tomorrow nor Friday

The differences between partisans and contrary to unilateral declaration of independence grow every hour that passes within Catalan government. The boundaries between parties are being erased and leaders of both PDeCAT and Republican Republic are openly advising president of Generalitat Carles Puigdemont to dismiss declaration of independence. They believe that it will only be possible to curb, or at least minimize, impact of article 155 of Constitution.

The tension within independence block will be seen this very afternoon on street. The so-called referendum Defense committees, sponsored among ors by CUP, have convened a rally in front of Palau de la Generalitat to demand that independence be declared and idea of autonomous elections be abort.

Meanwhile, in interior of Palau de la Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont remains permanently meeting with leaders of his party, Republican and independent organizations. The last one to enter past 17 hours of this afternoon has been spokesman of Catalan government Jordi Turull. The Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and families of Generalitat, Dolors Bassa, said this morning that government has followed roadmap it had and that call for elections depends on president, Carles Puigdemont: "In principle I do not think re is "Elections, but this is an order that president has to give."

In addition, Puigdemont will not go to Senate at last Thursday, as had been announced at noon, nor on Friday, as y have confirmed at four thirty in afternoon sources of presidency of Generalitat. They have justified resignation that " Spanish government has already decided to apply 155". It will not appear tomorrow in Committee of upper house that processes measures or in plenary of Friday that approves m, two possibilities that had been offered to him, "because 155 is definitive and has no place to go to expose anything". The plenary of Parlament will begin at 1600 hours.

Portes Obertes del Catalanisme asks for elections

Portes Obertes del Catalanisme, entity that defends a third way between immobilism of PP and proclamation of Independence, asks Catalan president Carles Puigdemont to renounce unilateral declaration of Independence (DUI) and summon Elections. According to association, this would be a way of avoiding application of article 155, "unforeseeable consequences" for "self-government and State of autonomy and that could aggravate even more social, political and economic fracture that occurs in Catalonia". Portes Obertes calls on political parties and entities to dialogue, to "recover normalcy" and to work to improve self-government.

The communiqué is signed by former members of city, Josep López de Lerma and Jordi Casas, work director of town Ignasi Farreres, mayor of trade representative of town Lluís Alegre, first secretary of PSC Pere Navarro, exacting socialist of Barcelona Jordi Hereu, former deputy of ICV Ramon Espasa, ex-MP of PP in Congress Jordi de Juan, past director of Catalunya Ràdio Félix Riera or philologist Joan Corominas, among ors.


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