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Puigdemont challenges government by promoting telematic investiture

Junts per Catalunya fixed the 14th of May as the deadline for the remote investiture of the Expresident

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Puigdemont challenges government by promoting telematic investiture

Junts per Catalunya decided yesterday to maintain pulse of government and try to invest Carles Puigdemont in a telematic way, through reform of law of presidency that passed last Friday in Parlament. The formation met in Berlin, where expresident is waiting for German justice to decide on his extradition. The spokesman for parliamentary group Eduard Pujol accepted however that this plan will be truncated by resource already prepared by executive and set as a deadline to invest in Puigdemont on 14 May. The day 22 will dissolve Catalan chamber if re is no Govern.

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Pujol framed option of insisting on investiture of Puigdemont within willingness to "be faithful to outcome of 21-D election." "Spanish justice has led to actions that have not allowed us to invest or pay in a positive way four endowments since 30 January," added spokesman of 28 deputies who moved to German capital to meet with expresident and Decide strategy to follow in next few days.

Pujol insisted that his training does not want or elections: "Before 22nd of May we will have solved political situation," he said. However, commitment to cling to invest in Puigdemont telematically will have an ephemeral life. Last Friday, Council of Ministers approved to initiate procedures to appeal amendment that includes Telematic investiture before Constitutional Court. The Government is awaiting convening of Council of State, which is to issue a non-binding opinion on appeal. Subsequently, mere acceptance of text by Altro Tribunal would imply its provisional suspension. The constitutional also meets next Tuesday.

The Government also has possibility of torpedo plans of Puigdemont through its control of Official Journal of Generalitat (DOGC). The reform of Presidency law has to be published re for it to enter into force and, under article 155 of Constitution, government controls DOGC.

The possibility of a telematic investiture received support of 70 pro-independence deputies and vote against all opposition. The Council of statutory guarantees, an advisory body of Generalitat, considered that reform was illegal. From ERC and PDeCAT — now cast within Junts per Catalunya — y agreed to approve it as a way to make government clear, but it was not among plans to use it.

The bet of Junts per Catalunya passes pressure to Esquerra, which is not for any kind of action that implies judicial problems for its members. The decision to set date of a plenary session falls on president of Parlament, Republican Roger Torrent. ERC hopes that government will block this way before it has to face to say a second time not to Puigdemont.

Last January, Torrent postponed plenary session in which Puigdemont was supposed to be insured after Constitutional Court banned it. From Junts per Catalunya and CUP y asked him to disobey. The idea of using reform of law to invest expresident brings out contradictions of Eduard Pujol. Last week, in an interview with Efe, said that members would not be forced to disobey constitutional.

The spokesman, however, did not close door to finally choose a candidate without judicial charges. "We would have to assess investiture of Jordi Sànchez, which we have defended twice. If this possibility cannot be realized eir, we would have to open door to a new alternative, "Pujol said.

Internal fissures

However, Junts per Catalunya seeks new way to buy time and aims to put ball on roof of Spanish government. "Now opens a period that invites State to rectify," added Pujol. The decision also shows division between deputies of PDeCAT and some independents of list of Puigdemont, who are committed to elect already a candidate without judicial charges and whose Govern allows to lift article 155 of Constitution. The sis that has been imposed is circle closest to Puigdemont, which claims to manage political tempo to give more air to its erosion campaign to government of Mariano Rajoy, says, not respect outcome of 21-D.

Junts per Catalunya also tempts luck. Citizens presented last week an appeal of amparo before constitutional against votes delegated of Puigdemont and ate. The Board of Parliament accepted that its current legal status is comparable to that of deputies in Spain. If High Court decides to apply precautionary measures and suspends votes and CUP insists on abstaining, independence would lose majority to invest in second round.

After meeting, Pujol explained that when y rule, a "special commissioner to overcome 155" will be created. This figure will be, he said, "a door that hears all those people who have had problems" by application of article.

The former president was detained in norrn Germany on 25 March when he was returning from a conference in Finland. It has since been found in Germany pending High Court of Land of Schleswig-Holstein to adopt a definitive decision on its possible extradition. Spain has completed a euroorden in which it claims delivery of former president for high treason and embezzlement of public funds.

The next step, however, is Schleswig-Holstein prosecutor's office, which must now present its proposal on delivery of Puigdemont after receiving additional documentation from Spanish authorities. Wiebke Hoffelner, judge of district attorney's office in Schleswig-Holstein, who is a spokesperson in this case, explained to this newspaper that proposal by Regional prosecutor's office "will be delayed for a few days" and that in any case, process is within time limit set by ALE Act. Mana.

The processing of delivery process under Euroorden taken by Spain should not be extended in principle more than 60 days to count since arrest of Puigdemont on 25 March. The deadline for German justice is practically overlapping with deadline for obtaining inauguration in Catalan parliament.


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