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Puigdemont declares before the Belgian judge that he will decide on the Euroorden

The magistrate can resolve this Monday or postpone his decision to another day

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Puigdemont declares before the Belgian judge that he will decide on the Euroorden
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  • Check cars in which judge asks for arrest and entry into prison of Puigdemont

The former president of Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and four Exconsellrs who fled with him to Brussels are appearing this morning before judge of first instance who must decide on his extradition to Spain, where y are charged with rebellion and sedition after Unilateral proclamation of independence of Catalonia.

Puigdemont and exadvisors have already entered to testify in prosecution with ir lawyers. They're summoned at 9. In vicinity of courthouse are allowed to see some independence sympathizers

— Álvaro Sánchez (@Alvaro1984) December 4, 2017

The five quoted have entered to declare moments before nine o'clock, hour that was fixed, accompanied by ir lawyers. In vicinity of courthouse have been allowed to see some independent sympathizers

The view can be prolonged throughout day and is held in prosecutor's building, which is in front of courthouse — where previous court meeting took place — for reasons of organization, according to Belgian court of First Instance, Chamber of Council.

The judge shall decide, at end of hearing, date on which he will issue his decision on Spanish euroórdenes weighing against m, that magistrate may resolve this Monday or postpone to anor day "if necessary", and that he is to be communicated to press by prosecutor's Office Med Her email.

Meanwhile, in Madrid, or eight exadvisors and two independence leaders in prison will also know if y are released, a long-awaited decision hours before official start at midnight of campaign for December 21 elections.


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