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Puigdemont is not given for ousted and holds the pulse against the government

The until yesterday president of the GENERALITAT calls to make a democratic opposition to article 155

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Puigdemont is not given for ousted and holds the pulse against the government

Carles Puigdemont is not given as president of Generalitat and wants to convey image that he continues to direct his government despite having been formally cesadoayer after implementation of article 155 of Constitution. The former president of Generalitat has appeared this noon on TV-3 in a message recorded this morning in which he calls Catalans to exercise a "democratic opposition" to article 155.

Puigdemont, who has not announced any concrete measures, has asked Catalans to "continue persevering without violence, without insults, in an inclusive manner and respecting people and symbols and also Catalans who disagree with parliamentary majority."

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The former president has appeared in a recorded message from Girona, where he lives, with flag of Catalonia and European Union in background. He has based much of his speech on denying legitimacy to measures passed by Senate yesterday and has made several calls to calm and civics.

In speech Puigdemont has launched a petition to Catalans without explaining how his team will act, which is legally stopped. "Let us have patience, perseverance and perspective." That is why we are clear that best way to defend achievements achieved until today is democratic opposition to application of article 155, which is consummation of a premeditated aggression to will of Catalans who in a very majority and throughout "Or long for many years we have felt a nation of Europe."

Puigdemont has added: "We have to do it preservándonos of repression and threats, to do so without ever abandoning, at any time, civic and peaceful behavior." We don't even want reason for force. Not us. "I ask you to believe that this demand is one that world is waiting for, also outside our country."

On application of article 155 Puigdemont has ensured: "These are decisions to will expressed by citizens at ballot box".

Rajoy announced on Friday removal of all government and Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría has assumed this Saturday majority of competitions for President and Vice-President of Generalitat after implementation of article 155 of Constitution, according to Royal decrees published in Official Gazette of State (BOE). The executive has also "ceased" police chief of Mossos D'Esquadra, Major Josep Lluís, through an order from Ministry of Interior.

The Parlament of Catalonia adopted on Friday a resolution of independence. All opposition parties, with exception of Catalonia is Pot, were absent from chamber at time of vote. Meanwhile, thousands of people followed plenary from surroundings of Hemicycle, and n moved to Barcelona Plaza de Sant Jaume to celebrate a "celebration of proclamation" of "new Catalan Republic".


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