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Puigdemont presses ERC to force regulation and be invested

The former president and Rovira agree on the formation of the Bureau but the president's election is still in the air

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Puigdemont presses ERC to force regulation and be invested

A dinner in Brussels last Tuesday was scenario in which Carles Puigdemont and secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira, closed a minimum agreement to run legislature. The only flank without finalize is that of investiture. The former Catalan president insists on forcing parliamentary rules to allow him to be elected in Brussels. The Republicans are in ir jurists to not value that option.

The agreement arrives after days of cooling of relations between both formations and of crisis which has unleashed bet of all or nothing of Puigdemont, fled in Brussels. Junts per Catalunya and Esquerra sold contents of pact each in its own way. For call list of president consisted of a pack: to vote a table of Parliament with independence majority and to "invest Puigdemont as president". ERC, for its part, said that a "blockade" in Constitution of house was ruled out and that it "will study" with its legal services possibilities of a debate of telematic or delegated investiture, read by anor person.

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The Republicans have same problem as in last election campaign: y do not find tone to confront Puigdemont's sis for fear of attacking what it represents. At ERC y feel that Junts per Catalunya seeks to make m responsible for expresident to be re-elected and only defense y find is what ir lawyers decide. A position that has been modulated. Last Monday, deputy elected Roger Torrent said that y should be lawyers of Parliament who gave green light to possibility of an investiture via Skype. "There are technical-legal aspects that do not correspond to ERC valuing. It is up to lawyers to define how Parliament's rules are interpreted, "he said. Now y will ask for ir own opinion.

The party of Oriol Junqueras insists that Puigdemont is his candidate for president but y are not willing to make a regulatory amendment that will surely end up appealed to Constitutional Court. Republican sources believe that delegated way may have some travel, but y are cautious and wait to see what ir opinion says. The Republicans would have presidency of Bureau according to ir pact and refore designated person would be very legally engaged if regulation is forced, making a lax interpretation.

Those who do express without reservation ir objections to telematic investiture are constitutional parties. The leader of citizens, Inés Arrimadas, explained yesterday that lawyers of parliament already work in a legal report on possibility. From house y deny that re is a commission and ensure that it is an internal work debate.

Session boycott

No party or elected office of Junts per Catalunya or ERC wanted to refer to terms of agreement. "The electoral law has allowed PresidentPuigdemont and or elects to be able to report to elections. And so it has been done. Now it will be Parliament's table that interprets rules in order to clarify inauguration of President Puigdemont, "said coordinator of PDeCAT in Cortes, Jordi Xuclà. The spokesman Neoconvergente, Carles Campuzano, insisted that regulation of Parliament does not explicitly prohibit investiture at a distance.

The CUP insists on unilateral path

The CUP yesterday asked Junts per Catalunya and ERC to detail "material content of ir agreement" and branded of "very irresponsible" that have not explained program of future government. The anticapitalists, who consider mselves declared Republic, pay unilateral way and are committed to keeping "democratic conflict" alive with state. The CUP understands that its partners would betray voters if y return to "autonomism" screen but, however, y will not hinder composition of table or contribute to new elections.

The Republicans also put in value that y managed to stop idea of Junts per Catalunya to boycott session of Constitution of Parliament. The plan of so-called President's list was that 70 pro-independence deputies — discounting presence or replacement of eight elect in prison or in Brussels — would not attend and re would be no quorum. For this y accept that re is a table with majority secessionist, which would leave Catalunya in Comú outside organ director of Chamber.

ERC argues that it is necessary to focus on securing independence majority in plenary next Wednesday. The situation of eight deputies in Brussels or in prison 17 is not yet clear. However, he did put or items on table. In previous legislature, convergent had 60% of government and ERC posts, rest. The negotiations of a Catalan executive future go through a joint distribution of se charges. The Republicans also want to secure more weight in executive beyond a vice presidency.


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