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Puigdemont rules out the call for elections and leaves the application of article 155 free of Way

The president of the Generalitat maintains that it is up to the Parlament to determine what to do with the implementation of the 155

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Puigdemont rules out the call for elections and leaves the application of article 155 free of Way

The president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has ruled this afternoon to convene autonomous elections to stop application of article 155 of Constitution, activated by government. He has decided after 24 marathon hours of meetings and disencounters, announcements of resignation from some of his colleagues and accusations of treason by students and members of independent organizations who have held challenge secessionist Over last few months. With this decision, President renounces last dike he had to prevent implementation of 155 which, at same time, is being debated in Senate committee that studies government's agreement. "The 155 that Senate will approve today is an outlaw and abusive application," he said.

"There is no guarantee today that call for elections will justify or stop repression," said Puigdemont, who has insured that he had been willing to make that election call to "normally". "It has been impossible," he insisted from Palau del Parlament. Puigdemont has only been accompanied by councillors of Interior, Joaquim Forn, one of territory, Josep Rull, and of presidency, Jordi Turull.

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Puigdemont has decided that it is Parlament that determines how to react to application of article 155, which allows intervention of community of Catalonia. Puigdemont has insured that he has exhausted way for a dialogue solution "for a political conflict" but, he said, "I have not had a responsible answer from people's Party."

At first, president was scheduled to appear at 1.30 p.m., which he n postponed until 14.30 to make an institutional statement at Palau de la Generalitat. Finally, when it was a few minutes before that time, suspension of appearance was announced. From re, all kinds of speculations have begun to circulate and delay of emergence of Puigdemont has been linked to a negotiation with government to withdraw application of article 155 of Constitution.

The Catalan president had announced his decision to convene elections this morning to leaders of parliamentary group of Junts Pel Yes, after a tense meeting held at Palau. Several members of PDeCAT announced that y would resign if electoral advancement were consummated, although none of m came to be realized. The plenary celebration was pendiende of Puigdemont decision and will finally be held as planned. In his message, Catalan leader has claimed that elections were at table "because his responsibility is to exhaust all ways" and he has assured that "no one will be able to reproach Catalan side for its willingness to dialogue and to make politics",

The president of Generalitat has met before appearing with two leaders of Republican, Oriol Junqueras and Marta Rovira. Both, however, have not accompanied Puigdemont during Comparececia or have been seen meeting with Palau. Since noon, hundreds of students have been in Plaza de Sant Jaume asking president to "not betray" results of illegal referendum on October 1.


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