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Puigdemont's plan unleashes the first casualties in separatism

Former President Artur Mas renounces the presidency of PDeCAT and criticizes his successor

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Puigdemont's plan unleashes the first casualties in separatism

"It cannot be interpreted in any case as a departure" with respect to project of Junts per Catalunya and of PDeCAT, but in reverse ", it has defended more in a crowded press conference in seat of party in Barcelona. The former president had previously sent a letter to militants and coordinator of training, Marta Pascal, explaining that ir "step to side" was decided and communicated to several leaders of party before summer. His withdrawal, he added, seeks to gain time to "deal with better guarantees of judicial proceedings." But he denied that it was a recommendation from his lawyers as a defence strategy to case enlarged by events of 1 October.

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  • The judgement of ' Palau case ' will be made public on January 15th
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  • The prosecutor: "The Palau was used to steal for benefit of Convergència"

Interestingly, decision of expresident arrives on date that, exactly two years ago, took anor step to side: one who allowed Carles Puigdemont, now fled in Brussels, could reach presidency of Generalitat before veto on dolphin of Jordi Pujol had imposed CUP. But he has avoided directly attacking his successor — "In two years I have not made a single statement that questions what he has done," he said — although he has been given veiled but virtually unequivocal criticism.

For example, he has mentioned several times that he had to know when to give that "step to side". Contrary to what is being defended from Brussels, it has verbalized that outcome of 21-D was a "huge success" for independence, but it is not suitable for "accelerating implementation of independents in short term." And this is understood by whole world. " And he has put as an example philosophy that had moved him to give way to Puigdemont in 2015: "First is country, n party and finally person", he recalled.

The main heir of Pujolism has declined to make a personal assessment of plans for candidacy of Junts per Catalunya, which advocates return of government removed by application of article 155 of Constitution. Given possibility of being able to have a government in Brussels or of a telematic investiture, but it has thrown balls out: "That y have to ask to President. I will not be one giving advice to Puigdemont, and less in public, "he said.

He has even blamed some of his supporters for "filtering" away from his intervention in executive last Monday, and y were interpreted as criticism of Puigdemont. The former president has argued that when he spoke of need for "generosity" he did not refer to possibility that Puigdemont would step aside and allow anor candidate of Junts per Catalunya to be invested president by virtue of independence majority In seats.

In fact, he explained that he was referring to himself. "Being in front of PDeCAT doesn't expand it, it limits it. We must leave spaces for new leadership to be consolidated, "continued more, which appeared with his wife among public and or prominent members of party as former mayor of Barcelona Xavier Trias, mayor of Tortosa, Ferran Bell, and current Training Coordinators, Marta Pascal and David Bonvehí. And whoever was his right hand, Francesc Homs.

It is true that new dome of party expected more to go, because its shadow was very elongated to allow an evolution. But it was figure of Puigdemont, however, that ended up becoming real determinant of activity of PDeCAT. Something that yesterday more has hinted, in a positive way, to loar formula of list of President who, he accepted, allowed him to be most voted independence force when all expectations were negative. "The PDeCAT contributed base and president's list allowed a record growth in two weeks. We can waste it or we can take advantage of it, he explained.

' Palau case '

Mas's decision arrives in full negoicaciones on conformation of new parliament, next Wednesday. But re's anor date on calendar. The sentence of Palau case will be known next Monday. The expresident has also wanted to erase any relationship between two facts, which he recalled to refer to years 90, when he was not in forefront of Generalitat although it was right hand of Pujol.

But he said he was aware of meaning of that date but implied that he considered it less serious to announce his withdrawal now than, for example, before illegal referendum last October 1, when it could be "misinterpreted" or before elections of 21D.

In framework of investigations Palau case, but did not have to sit in bench neir as witness nor as investigated by alleged receipt of 5.5 million of euros by Ferrovial in exchange for adjudication of public work, through Palau de la Música. "CDC paid highest price you could afford. Disappeared. No or party with cases of corruption has paid that price, "recalled expresident. The position of Mas in PDeCAT will assume it in an interim way Exspokesman of Govern Neus Munte.

Resignation of Mundó's

The farewell of one of icons of independence was culmination of a complicated day for secessionist forces, who fight against clock to close a pact in Parlament. The representative of Justice and Deputy elected by Esquerra Republicana Carles Mundó's announced to Catalan news agency that he renounced act of Deputy and returned to law. Mundó's, who was remanded in court in context of investigation by rebellion and sedition in Supreme Court, argued "personal reasons" to decline to continue in Parlament.

The resignation of Exadviser, who had taken relevance within party, arrives at a difficult time for ERC, who try to solve lack of its leader Oriol Junqueras, in pre-trial detention. The counselor was blunt in his decision, although re were voices who asked him not to leave. The Republicans are also waiting for Carme Forcadell to clarify if he wants to repeat as President of Parliament. The ANC's leader knows that doing so would put it in eye of legal hurricane, especially if you want to make changes to regulations to allow for telematic investiture.

On or hand, Puigdemont intervened on Tuesday afternoon via videoconference at an event in Montpellier "I want to return with all security and legitimacy to Catalonia as president", he said from Brussels and again criticized that Europe of 21st century does not accept that " Catalan people to express mselves. "


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