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Puigdemont sows the bewilderment in the PDeCAT

The former president designs an election campaign with people of their full confidence

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Puigdemont sows the bewilderment in the PDeCAT

Carles Puigdemont has disconcerted his party, PDeCAT, which he has left in elections of December 21 to make a candidacy and an electoral strategy to his measure. The statements that day after day former president of Generalitat, contradicting in many cases posture of his party, are causing an uneasiness in its ranks that is contained by situation in which independence leader is in Brussels Along with several of his counselors: pending Belgian justice's decision on extradition requested by Government.

Last week, Junts per Catalunya, list promoted by Puigdemont, announced that it would renounce unilateralism and that it was negotiating with way to implement a joint strategy on 21 December. However, Expresident said Monday in an interview with national who does not renounce unilateral way, but gives priority to negotiation and dialogue in Catalonia. His approach, he said, is answer to what he considers "unilateral" application of article 155 of Constitution by Government.

"We have a state that applies us with all forcefulness and all illegality its unilateralism and we have to say no, democratically renounce a democratic way?" asked expresident.

The feeling that is being installed more and more in PDeCAT is that Puigdemont has little confidence in cadres of his party and is known to maintain a distant relationship with general Coordinator, Marta Pascal.

Thus, expresident has raised an election campaign from Brussels regardless of paintings of PDeCAT and with people of his total confidence. One of m is Elsa Artadi, director of interdepartmental coordination of Govern, who continues in office and has not affected application of article 155 of Constitution. Artadi is director of campaign and has as an adjunct to journalist Jaume Clotet, director of communication of Govern and also continues to maintain office in Palau de la Generalitat.

But declaration of Puigdemont that has probably caused more excitement since it is in Belgian capital, is one that occurred last Sunday, when it declared at forefront that Catalans should vote if y want to continue to belong to European Union. He was also very critical of EU, which he described as a "club of decadent and obsolescentes countries." Despite everything, Puigdemont was a supporter of union and euro, and said he will work "to change it." In knowledge of se statements, Carles Campuzano, spokesman for PDeCat in Congress, clarified that holding of a referendum to decide on Catalonia's membership of Union "has not been debated" in training management bodies.

In same sense, Neus rained, also of PDeCAT and President of Association of Municipalities for independence, claimed "strong vocation European" of Catalonia in spite of European Union. "Not that we have to be in Europe or not, is that Catalonia is Europe," he added.

Faced with controversy that generated his words, Puigdemont rectified this Monday through Twitter. "Catalanism is undoubtedly European." Always has been, it is and will continue to be, "he wrote." "The Catalan case is an opportunity to move towards a stronger European Union in which citizens have more and more decision-making power and states have less." "This is true European spirit," he wrote in anor message. In both cases y were retuiteados by Marta Pascal.


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