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Puigdemont start of the electoral campaign in the referendum in spite of the warning of the Constitutional

7,500 people throng the plaza de toros de Tarragona and and cry out for vote the 1 of October

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Puigdemont start of the electoral campaign in the referendum in spite of the warning of the Constitutional

7,500 people throng plaza de toros de Tarragona and and cry for to vote on 1 October

The Catalan Government and all leaders of parties and entities nationalists have ignored warnings of Constitutional Court on suspension of referendum on independence and y have pulled this night election campaign, vote scheduled for 1 October. At a rally unit of all secesionismo in Tarraco Arena, in converted bullring of Tarragona, about 7,500 people -6.000 in stands and 1,500 affluent in sand-, have clod yourselves with Carles Puigdemont, president of Generalitat and rest of pro-independence leaders with a cry in favor of vote.


  • The Government warns head of Tarraco Arena to celebrate rally can be a crime
  • The Constitutional suspends of urgency referendum law
  • The unitary campaign of ‘yes’ independence will begin on 15th of September

With cries of "¡independencia! I'll vote!, We have No fear! and Ballesteros resignation!" - socialist mayor refuses to yield local to government - pro-independence has completed a new display of muscle in its challenge before Government of Mariano Rajoy.  The rally is first of three great acts that all parties separatists are planning to hold in this campaign that has started today and will conclude on 29th. The president is planning to participate this Friday is also act that will be held this Friday at Teatro Principal de Badalona.

The act has started with an ironic dialogue between Oriol Grau and Txe Arana, two actors that have led rally, in which you have sneered about fact that rally was illegal. "Have you filed any time an illegal act? I hope it's last! How do you take that to be an act clandestine?", you have asked for. The local delegate of Government in Tarragona already told on Wednesday head of plaza de toros, which depends of Provincial council, which would be a crime to permit conclusion of rally. The Government decided not to interfere in act and, in any case, intends to take decisions afterwards. The National Assembly Catalan, organizer of event, chartered 40 buses, majority of Camp of Tarragona, to cram square.

On a stage in reading, Yes Hello Republic and great streamers of colors with phrases Hello Europe, Hello Republic and Hello nou country, act has been developed in a festive atmosphere and with many reproaches to central Government and all judicial decisions that have been activated against query. Hundreds of people have been left out of plaza. The participants have concluded that Ada Colau has been accepted at end that Barcelona give to a local referendum.


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