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Puigdemont wants to take its hard line to the PDeCAT Group in Congress

The party celebrates this weekend an assembly where you could change the direction

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Puigdemont wants to take its hard line to the PDeCAT Group in Congress

To fissures between sovereigntists formations joins confrontation within parties mselves. The PDeCAT will hold an assembly this weekend in which management — led by Marta Pascal — and critical sector — gared around Carles Puigdemont, expresident now fleeing in Germany — collide with control of Convergència's heiress formation. Puigdemont seeks a turn in current pragmatic position of parliamentary Group in Congress, which voted in favour of motion of censure of Pedro Sánchez.

The representation of PDeCAT in Congress — integrated into mixed group — is only space without influence from expresident. In vote on PSOE's motion of censure, Puigdemont had argued that PDeCAT was refrain. "[Support for article] 155 for 155, where is change?" said Eduard Pujol, spokesperson for Junts per Catalunya. Finally, however, criterion advocated by Pascal and deputies in Madrid was imposed: PDeCAT supported motion, but later warned Sanchez that such support is not unconditional and has continued to insist on existence of "political prisoners" and on Defense of an agreed independence referendum.

Puigdemont's need to maintain a belligerent discourse forces him to influence group's position in Congress. Although PDeCAT is integrated in Junts per Catalunya in Parlament, its capacity of incidence in Catalan chamber is minimal: re premium hard line. In Congress it is opposite: despite fact that group continues to claim a referendum and denounces existence of "political prisoners", and Pascal's efforts in vote of censure motion did not sit well in environment of expresident.

For months, critics of current directorate threatened to overthrow Pascal if he did not abandon his pragmatic bid on independence. The environment of Puigdemont argues that hardly Assembly this weekend will be quiet for management if former president is not guaranteed decision-making power. And that includes parliamentary group in Congress.

The critics group, which has visible faces such as Interior councillor, Miquel Buch, or mayor of Molins de Rei (Barcelona), Joan Ramon Casals, is mostly formed by group that lost power at founding moment of party. From Pascal's environment y believe y don't have enough support to give assault.

The coordinator of PDeCAT, to try to get to step, decided last June that what had to be an ideological assembly would become a congress in which, if Affiliates support it, direction will be modified. This sought to give more space to dissident voices but keeping control. Pascal even offered to Puigdemont presidency of party, but this one rejected it.

National Crida

The effort of containment of Pascal was wounded last Monday, with presentation of national Crida, manifesto who wants to end up being a transversal "political instrument" driven by Puigdemont, which seeks to agglutinate people and not parties and whose Goal is to achieve independence. In eyes of PDeCAT, it is a hug of bear to leave behind this formation.

"The party will be what its associates want it to be," said PDeCAT spokesman Maria Senserrich. The bases and direction share idea of adding and widening independence space but y fail that some leaders of Crida "Satanicen" to party. Pascal would be open to negotiating a lace but will plant face to deliver keys, say sources of formation.

"In PDeCAT we chop a lot of stone for triumph of Junts per Catalunya", criticizes a member of direction. "Does this go from a project or a vengeance of founding Congress?" asks anor. The PDeCAT has about 400 municipalities, a vital point of support if Puigdemont decides in autumn to create this new formation. No one escapes electoral pull of expresident but distance is heavy when it comes to directing and coordinating a training, as happens with Junts per Catalunya.

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