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Puigdemont: “what Do you think will happen on the 1st of October? It's clear that we will vote!”

The president disregards the warning of the Constitutional and starts the electoral campaign in Tarragona to 6,500 people

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Puigdemont: “what Do you think will happen on the 1st of October? It's clear that we will vote!”

The president disregards warning of Constitutional and starts electoral campaign in Tarragona to 6,500 people

The president of Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, his advisors and leaders of parties and entities separatists have ignored warnings of Constitutional Court on suspension of referendum on independence and have been involved in start of election campaign, vote scheduled for 1 October. At a rally unit of all secesionismo and in a climate of absolute rebellion on Arena Tarraco, in converted bullring of Tarragona, about 7,500 people -6.000 in stands and 1,500 affluent in sand-, have cried out in please vote and form a new republic. "What do you think will happen on 1st of October? It's clear that we will vote!", exclaimed president.


  • The Government warns head of Tarraco Arena to celebrate rally can be a crime
  • The Constitutional suspends of urgency referendum law
  • The unitary campaign of ‘yes’ independence will begin on 15th of September

The Prosecutor's office has filed criminal complaints against Executive, five members of Bureau of Parliament and has cited 712 mayors under threat of arrest in case of defaulting if y cooperate with query. The local delegate of Government in Tarragona already told on Wednesday head of plaza de toros, property of Council, that could be a criminal offence for conclusion of rally, and that adhere to criminal consequences. No threat had any effect. The plaza was crowded – ANC had chartered 40 buses of province of Tarragona and thousands of people, in an atmosphere of euphoria, and chanted slogans like “just Vote!", "We have No fear!" or "Where are ballots?”.

With constant chanzas about consequences that could result in act, Jordi Sánchez, president of National Assembly Catalan, has bragged that was celebrated in Catalonia “ rally is illegal more important in history of this country.” The vice-president Oriol Junqueras has exhibited muscle of pro-independence ensuring that y are already 47.000 volunteers willing to collaborate and 750 mayors –among m Barcelona - who have already shown ir willingness to lease premises to vote. “Now we have to win Republic. It is in our hands for justice and dignity,” he said.

does Anyone not believe that we will vote for? But What kind of country you think we are? What kind of people do y think we are?”", it has asked president

hailed as a hero, with square set up, Puigdemont has omitted any reference to Constitutional and reiterates its absolute conviction that catalans will be able to vote. “Anyone who has a modicum of common sense and to 18 days of referendum does Anyone not believe that we will vote for? But What kind of country you think we are? What kind of people do y think we are?”, it has been asked, reciting many obstacles that Junts pel has drawn from that managed to pass Budget until adoption of law on referendum and signing of decree of convocation. “They said that we were not going to do this act and with people that are outside we may have done it twice.” “We live and let and let live. The 1 October will be very clear.”

opening of The campaign, which lasted two hours, was held in a festive atmosphere. With three huge banners hanging in stands that read, Hello Europe, Hello Republic and Hello new country, public has held decision of mayor Ada Colau to assign local consultation and has made constant cries of resignation against socialist mayor of Tarragona, socialist Josep Fèlix Ballesteros, faithful to provisions of constitution. The rally is first of three great acts that all parties separatists are planning to hold in this campaign that has started today and will conclude on 29th. The president will participate this Friday in to be held in Teatro Principal de Badalona.

A big hug to thousands of submissive, that re are in square," he exclaimed Quim Arrufat, of CUP

The feast has started with an ironic dialogue between Oriol Grau and Txe Arana, two actors that have led rally, in which you have sneered about fact that it was illegal. "Have you filed any time an illegal act? I hope it's last! How do you take that to be an act clandestine?", you have asked for. The words Hello republic and referendum were written on stage by who have passed all leaders of parties that had seceded (PDeCAT; CKD, Month, Demòcrates) and entities nationalists (ANC, Omnium and Association of Municipalities for Independence). Marta Pascal, coordinator of PDeCAT, which has been animated to sing revolutionary song The redfish, Lluis Llach, he has warned Rajoy: "we're Going to vote on a 1-Or".

Junqueras has said that 750 mayors are willing to collaborate in addition to 47,000 officers

Quim Arrufat (CUP) has sent you a hug " thousands of submissive" square and has advocated to hold a few more weeks: "This time we will let stake fall at all." Marta Rovira (ERC) has recriminat to opposition, obstacles that stood in debate in Parliament -"We have learned what is offset, filibusterismo and reconsideration"- and Magda Casamitjana (MONTH) has reminded us that y were first that rebelled. "This is neofranquismo. Aznar said: 'Before you break m that Spain'. Well, no: we have Not broken. And here we are," he concluded Antoni Castellà, Demòcrates.


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