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Puigdemont will continue in Belgium despite the withdrawal of the Euroorden

His lawyer, Paul Bekaert, says in an interview with a Belgian newspaper that will not return to Spain

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Puigdemont will continue in Belgium despite the withdrawal of the Euroorden

One of lawyers of Carles Puigdemont in Belgium, Paul Bekaert, said Tuesday in statement to Belgian newspaper L'Echo that his client will not return to Spain despite decision of Judge of Supreme Court Paul Llarena to withdraw euroorden that weighs against him and CUA I'm an advisor. "Puigdemont will not leave Belgium after withdrawal of European arrest mandate," he assured. The lawyer has rejected his return because he still weighs against Puigdemont an order of national arrest, which would imply, according to judicial sources, his immediate arrest in case of stepping on Spanish soil. The prosecutor's office in Brussels has confirmed receipt of decision to annul Euroorden, and will inform judge to paralyze case.

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The Flemish lawyer, one of 19 lawyers who advises members of Government in Belgium, believes that Spanish judicial authorities have changed ir strategy to possibility that Belgian courts ordered ir delivery to Spain to be judged with Restrictions, that is, for less serious offences. One of arguments of defence has been lack of equivalence in Belgian Penal Code of certain crimes, which would prevent Spanish justice from acting against former president, for example, in crimes such as rebellion, most serious of which are accused. "The Spanish judge fears that decision in Belgium will present unacceptable differences against trial in Spain to or independentists today in prison," added Bekaert.

To comply with anticipation of his lawyer, Puigdemont will continue in Belgium and without an open process against him by Justice of that country, that on December 14 he had to make a decision on his extradition. "Legally you can stay in Belgium indefinitely", explains Anne Weyembergh, researcher and expert in Euroorden of Institute of European Studies, belonging to Free University of Brussels. Weyembergh assures that in case of transfer to anor European country less favorable for judicial interests of Puigdemont, "nothing prevents Spain from issuing anor Euroorden", and even remaining in Belgium, it is possible to reissue it in future. Is it an option to ask for asylum? "Asking for asylum wouldn't change much." In order to continue in Belgium for more than three months he only needs health insurance and to demonstrate financial resources, like any or community citizen who enjoys free movement, says Philippe de Bruycker, an expert in asylum and European law of same University.

Three main routes are refore open: to surrender now to be judged in Spain for all crimes — rejected by his lawyer —, to do so after elections so that he can campaign, or stay to live in Belgium. So far, Catalan politician has participated in newly launched Catalan election campaign through videoconferencing, and that dynamic, accompanied by interviews with Catalan and international media, has rejected all contact with Spanish press — it could be A constant at least until you know result of appointment with polls of 21-D. This Thursday is expected its presence in demonstration convened by independence forces in Brussels, for which assistance of some 20,000 people between nationalists arrived from Catalonia and Flemish separatists, invited by organizers to Participate in March.

"It seems to Me that justification is that judge does not want to be tied in terms of crimes for which he can judge former president Puigdemont when he arrives in Spain," said foreign minister, Alfonso Dastis. "There he." If you prefer to continue enjoying opera and good wear in Belgium, better for him, he has ironizado. Popular MEP Esteban González Pons has asked Puigdemont not to avoid his responsibilities. "He still has to face Spanish justice." Or colleagues of his Government for having given face as y should are in provisional prison. There is no reason why he should not return to Spain and put himself in front of people he wanted to liberate, because he proclaimed independence and ran away.


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