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Rajoy accuses Sanchez of weakening Spain with the motion of censure

Your goal is to be president at any price and with anyone, says the president

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Rajoy accuses Sanchez of weakening Spain with the motion of censure

The President of government, Mariano Rajoy, this Friday accused secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, to harm stability of Spain and weaken country by promoting a motion of censure in full application of article 155 in Catalonia, with Recently approved budgets and with support of independence parties and of We can. The leader of PP has considered that re is no reason to try to topple his government and has rejected that sentence of Gürtel case, which doubts his credibility as a witness, is reason enough to push vote. Consequently, he has attributed to Sánchez ' personal interests that he has recorded this Friday in Congress motion of censure and has avoided confronting citizens, which calls for an electoral advancement.

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"The motion also occurs in a situation of weakness, of difficulty for Spain, with application of article 155", he considered Rajoy during a press conference at Moncloa. "It's against stability, so necessary today; It harms economic recovery, just look at how stock market and risk premium are evolving; It is bad for Spain, and it is harmful for future of all citizens, "he continued. "The motion is made in sole interest of Mr. Sanchez, who lost elections of 2015 and 2016, and left his party in 84 seats, lowest figure of PSOE since first elections held in our country", has continued. And he has finished: "The goal is that Sanchez be president at any price and with whomever."

Rajoy has recalled that it won elections of 2015 and that it again in 2016, with greater number of votes and seats. Also, that in those two occasions Sanchez ended up defeated and worsening his results. And now socialist leader, has argued president of Government, looking for any combination to get to Moncloa.

"Sánchez has two options: to agree with citizens and we can at same time or agree with ERC, with PDeCAT of Mr. Puigdemont and Mr. Torra, with Bildu and with Compromis", he has listed Rajoy. "As is understandable, any government with se supports is unfeasible, Mr. Sanchez knows, but he does not care," he continued, before referring to citizens, his investiture partner, which has also been shown this Friday in favor of an electoral advancement. "The president of Government has two exclusive powers: dissolving chambers and naming ministers," recalled chief executive. "I don't know any president of Government who is willing to give m up."

As a result, Rajoy has answered Rivera that calling elections is his faculty, and he wants to rush legislature to 2020.

Critics of Popular party

In same line has been expressed national coordinator of PP, Fernando Martínez Mail, who has accused Sanchez of wanting to "assault power" and put "in front of his personal interests of Spain", promoting a motion of censure with can and parties Independence. The formation that supports government of Mariano Rajoy sees a contradiction in socialist leader to support implementation of 155 in Catalonia and seek at same time support of ERC and PdECAT in Congress. At same time, Martínez Mailo has avoided attacking citizens, who has key for vote to fructify without participation of Catalan rupture formations.

In video, statements by Martínez-Maíllo. Video: QUALITY

"It is not first time that Sanchez tries to reach Moncloa without winning elections," said Martínez Mailo in reference to investiture agreement reached by PSOE and citizens in 2016. "Now he tries to assault power of hand of those who endanger Spain. And he doesn't care. It aims to reach power of hand of can, which does not defend unity of Spain, and independentists, who want to break unity, "he argued. "It is a motion of censure that has no cause or justification, except for its ambition. There is a premeditated and permanent strategy of damaging Rajoy and government, even at cost of damaging Spain, "he continued. And he has finished: "This motion of censure weakens Spain. It gives advantage to those who do not gamble for our country, and refore gives advantage to independence. Sanchez, for his excessive ambition and his permanent overperformance, harms Spain, Spaniards, and gives advantage to independence. "

Martínez Mailo has mixed harsh criticism of PSOE with white glove with citizens, who has described as a guarantor of stability for his support to approval of budgets. In this sense, national coordinator of PP has tried to underline contradictions between objectives of opposition parties: while Sanchez aspires to stay at Moncloa governing, Albert Rivera calls for elections to be convened immediately To support his motion of censure.

"Citizens have to clarify, see what y want to be greater," said Martínez Mailo. "We thought that supporting budgets gave a message of stability, and I stay with that citizen. I have No record of anor. "


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