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Rajoy ceases to be a member and requests reentry as a registrar of property

The former president will not exercise as leader of the opposition or be measured with the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez

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Rajoy ceases to be a member and requests reentry as a registrar of property

Mariano Rajoy has renounced this Friday to his act of deputy, so he will not exercise as leader of opposition or be measured with president of government, Pedro Sanchez, in control session to executive next Wednesday. Since triumph of motion of censure of PSOE, still leader of PP had dispensed to go to lower house, had called internal elections in Conservative formation to elect his substitute and had left in air his continuity as parliamentarian. By renouncing your act in Congress, Rajoy will no longer be graduated, unless you apply for entry into Council of State. Everything points to that it will not be so, since it has requested that it be reregistered in body of registrars of property.

In just 15 days, former president of government has gone completely to nothing. On May 24th, PNV gave its decisive support to approval of budgets of 2018, and Rajoy believed assured its continuity in Moncloa until 2020. Just over a week later, on 1 June, Basque nationalists voted in favor of Sánchez ' motion of censure, motivated by judgement of Gürtel case, which included a negative reference to veracity of PP leader's testimony. Rajoy was evicted from Power. The PP went to opposition. And his leader has ended up leaving all his charges. An unprecedented political earthquake.

The decision of former President of government marks his definitive farewell to politics. Once extraordinary congress of PP, convened for 20 and 21 July, Rajoy will return to private activity. Until n, it aims to remain in neutrality, so that none of its decisions will be interpreted in key Successoria.

With Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and María Dolores de Cospedal still doubting wher y take step or not to fight for power in party, exit of Rajoy leaves in hands of Rafael Hernando all work of opposition to Government of Sanchez.

The parliamentary spokesman for PP is only recognizable face left to party with a position of relief and without direct involvement in pulse by presidency of Conservative formation. From his hand, party will execute a tough, aggressive and full of adjective opposition, as in times when executive was headed by Felipe González or José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. This is assured by Hernando, who plans to ask Sanchez to explain on Wednesday in Congress pacts that led him to win motion of censure ( PSOE defends that PDeCAT, ERC, PNV and we can support him without counterpart) or if information is certain Who have doubts about veracity of some aspects of ir curriculum.

Rajoy will not be in lower house to see it. Unlike former president González, who held seat after his first electoral defeat without attending Congress, he will say goodbye to politics immediately.


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