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Rajoy is quoted in the Moncloa with Sánchez and Rivera to analyze the inauguration of Torra

PP, PSOE and citizens are willing to republish the 155 if the government commits illegal acts

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Rajoy is quoted in the Moncloa with Sánchez and Rivera to analyze the inauguration of Torra

The President of government, Mariano Rajoy, will meet this Tuesday in Moncloa with secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sanchez, and will be quoted on Thursday with president of citizens, Albert Rivera. After inauguration of independentist, leaders of three parties that promoted intervention of Catalonia in application of article 155, analyzed situation of this autonomous community and will try to Rebuild an alliance damaged by Rivera's criticism of Rajoy. Although chief executive has called this Tuesday "moderation" and has discouraged "anxiety", warning that he will judge new president for his facts and not his words, utmost concern is justified by discourse of ruptured politician Junts per Catalunya. And he wants to speak Rajoy with Sanchez and Rivera.

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The leader of citizens insists on extending current intervention, extending even to control of public media, before openly ruptured project sponsored by Torra on behalf of Carles Puigdemont. However, Government recalls that agreement reached in Senate establishes that intervention of Catalan autonomy will cease to be in force when President forms new Govern and his advisers take possession of ir portfolios. One circumstance, y warn in Moncloa, that has nothing to do with vigilant attitude that executive will adopt: any illegality of independentists is answered immediately. No one rules out that article 155 is to be applied again in Catalonia.

"What I have heard over last few hours I have not liked, but as I said I will judge facts," said Rajoy this Monday, after an event in Segovia. "For future we will bet on understanding and Concord," added president of Government. "In same way that I say this, and I say this because I am sorry, I guarantee that law, Spanish Constitution and rest of legal system will be fulfilled. I think it is good, so that no one should be called to deceit, to make this claim, "he continued. and has launched a message that has appeared directed both Torra and Rivera: "I want to appeal to moderation, tranquility and leave aside anxiety, which does not solve anything and is not what at this time people should have to address such a complex situation com or this. "

Sanchez attends this Tuesday meeting ready to support a new article 155 if necessary in case government breaks law again. The PSOE warns that intervention is easier now than previous time, when executive of PP and Socialists took to negotiate details of it.

Although it would require a new negotiation and processing of 155, remember in socialist direction, this time process could be much faster. "The first time you start article 155 takes many preventions, now we have gone through that experience. It costs more first time than second, "said PSOE's secretary of organization, José Luis Ábalos. "Re-collaborating or ratifying constitutional response does not constitute any effort," warned PSOE's number three.

In any case, constitutional response to a new breach of law by new Govern, which in PSOE is not given for sure, must be "serene and devoid of any attack of hysteria," Socialists point out in reference to political position of Citizens.

In addition to provision to support constitutional mechanism, Pedro Sánchez will ask Mariano Rajoy tomorrow to have political initiative. "The absolutely hard positions of exceptionality cannot be served. Some project has to be taken for Catalonia, "y claim in cupola of PSOE.

The management of May has not yet received any call for Pablo Iglesias to attend Moncloa to analyze situation of Catalonia with Rajoy, reports José Marcos.


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