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Rajoy moves away from any reform option

The President subordinates the reform of the Constitution to defend national sovereignty and claims to specify from the outset what to change

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Rajoy moves away from any reform option

In 1978 re was a goal that was reconciliation of Spaniards after Franco's dictatorship and to endow Spain with democratic structures, in addition to starting path of integration in Europe. These aspects were recalled yesterday at Congress during celebration of 39 anniversary of Constitution, as every December 6 from 1978, when it was approved in referendum. Those goals were a necessity for new political forces and those coming from exile.

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There is now no common goal but those who drive reform, at least, clamor for opportunity to discuss it. The PSOE is at forefront of demand to introduce changes. Mariano Rajoy, however, yesterday put away and conditioning. You cannot touch any article that affects national sovereignty; Consensus should be "very generalized, as in 1978" and perimeter of reform needs to be established. What you want to change, why and for what, said vice-president of government, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, in one of many groups that occurred yesterday around members of government and opposition.

In executive's sources, y pointed out that so much prevention and caution is due to very present process of constitutional reform and different intentions of chamber's groups. "Reform will end in a referendum, so we have to reach it with utmost consensus," warned se sources about intention of United we can provoke a vote on any constitutional change. Everything that is reformed must bear signature of vast majority, including Nationalists and party of Pablo Iglesias.

The optimism of PSOE

Now this situation seems impossible, but it can evolve. This is position of PSOE, which does not see so bad things. The leader of Socialists, Pedro Sánchez, who at time began to Rajoy commitment to analyze reform of Constitution in exchange for his support for application of article 155 in Catalonia, considers it possible to open negotiation in September, reports Elsa Garcia de Blas. Despite messages of executive, socialist leader sees, however, that " right moves", as he told reporters.

The reform of Fundamental law is seen by good of parliamentary groups as well as by experts in constitutional law as a way to better recognize singularity of Catalonia within Spain and to alleviate in this way independence conflict.

The only point of no dispute yesterday between PP, PSOE and citizens was defense of agreement to which y arrived to apply article 155 of Constitution, by which state has intervened Generalitat of Catalonia. What is more, y used it as an example to vindicate usefulness of current constitution.

"As has been demonstrated in last few dates, this is a constitution that can be defended when attacked by rulers and political leaders, as has happened this year," said Mariano Rajoy. "For first time in history, a fully-constitutional and fully democratic article has been applied, such as 155, which exists in all countries of our environment and is only used in exceptional circumstances." Nor was leader of PSOE left behind. "The Constitution is defended, applied and reformed," Sánchez said. "The implementation of 155 has demonstrated resilience of Constitution to an attack on territorial integrity," he added. In defending what was done in Catalonia was also president of citizens. "More than ever Constitution has to be applied and has been shown to be best we could do," Rivera defended.

Few more elements of agreement re were yesterday because re are many fissures about reform of autonomous financing that all presidents of communities claim. Rajoy recalled that study of new system is underway, with a technical team, but it is not concrete when it will be finished. The critic was led yesterday by president of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, who accused president of not moving. Rajoy, however, recalled that new financing will have to be voted in Congress and PP has only 137 deputies when it needs 176 to pass that organic law. It will not be possible without support of PSOE.

"I can neir want to do without PSOE, a party that governs in many autonomous communities," said Rajoy. The president did not answer question as to wher this legislature will be reform of Constitution, which next year is to be its 40 anniversary.


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