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Rajoy relieves uneasiness in the PP after activating article 155

The territorial leaders of the PP support the president after Aznar's criticisms of his inaction

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Rajoy relieves uneasiness in the PP after activating article 155

The activation of article 155 of Constitution to confront independence challenge has calmed internal tensions that was causing hard wing of PP — especially in Catalonia — and has joined training in support of government, according to ten leaders Autonomous countries consulted by country. Days after former president José María Aznar criticized Mariano Rajoy's "inaction," most territorial leaders defend president's "hypotensive" strategy and warn against " danger" of sovereigntists's response.

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The hard wing of PP has been claiming "heavy-handed" for months to government and has found its spokespersons in figures of Aznar and some of politicians who accompanied him in his governments, such as Juan José Lucas, former president of Senate; or Jaime Mayor Oreja, former minister of Interior. The activation of article 155 of Constitution has calmed se tensions, as y certify with ir support to Rajoy leaders of PP of Madrid, Catalonia, Comunidad Valenciana, Canarias, Extremadura, Andalusia, Murcia, Baleares, La Rioja or Cantabria.

"I will support all measures that Government of nation considers necessary to restore democratic order in Catalonia, at time and in manner that it deems most opportune," says Cristina Cifuentes, president of Madrid. "Because in Catalonia debate is no longer independence yes or independence No, that too." The debate is rule of law yes or rule of Law No. Because what is at stake is wher laws, statute and Constitution oblige all of us or re are those who have bull to act outside legality, he reasons. "And I think that can't be so."

"I support taking any political action, whatever it is, to restore democratic order in Catalonia, but that does not exempt from judicial responsibility that has already been acquired," emphasizes Fernando López Miras, president of Murcia, in reference to Carles Puigdemont and rest of independence leaders. "All instigators of illegal referendum must be prosecuted and condemned, from Puigdemont to all representatives of institutions and public representatives who have flagrantly violated law," he adds.

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"In Balearics y ask me, is it necessary to apply 155?" And I answer: "Hey, n why did you put yourself in Constitution?" Sums Biel Company, leader of Balearic party of Rajoy. "I will support it without any doubt."

"No one can be frightened that government, after requirements of President of Generalitat, and seen that this has not been avenido for reasons, apply this mechanism", reasons Asier Antona, of PP of Canarias and member of National Directorate.

For his part, Xavier García Albiol, of Catalan pp, tops: "For a long time, in PP of Catalonia we have argued that if Puigdemont were to tighten situation to fullest it was justified to apply Article 155".

The Government's response

The events of last month have been a qualitative leap in severity of pulse that confronts government with govern and institutional conflict that is currently marking Spain. Should I have acted before Rajoy to avoid referendum? Has re been "inaction", as Aznar denounced? Should government's strategy be proactive rar than reactive and always dependent on previous movements of independenceists?

Enlarge photo Fernando López Miras, president of region of Murcia. Horst Wagner EFE

"Government policy has been hypotensive," argues José Antonio Monago, of PP of Extremadura. "When re is tension, worst is that you raise tension to face problems." Low tension is a good travel companion when what is at stake is not future of a community, it is that of a whole nation, he continues. "One thing is to blow and anor absorb, and both things at once can hardly be done." If re was no declaration of independence, Puigdemont should say it expressly, and return to legality is assumed. If re was, it is said, to be consistent with his discourse. If it is neir yes nor no, that is, it does not answer, tacitly it is understood that it walks head-on against what is expressed in Spanish Constitution, and we will have to see how to apply Article 155.

"Applying article 155 requires a political consensus among major democratic forces." It has already been achieved, but logically forging that consensus has taken time, ' argues Cifuentes. "In any case, legal system has or types of resources that are being applied and legal institutions that are already working." And those who have violated social peace, against democratic laws and against Justice, have obtained a forceful response, and are in prison, not for ir ideas, but for ir actions

"Waiting to provoke return to legality is always a success," agrees Isabel Bonig, president of PP of Valencian Community. "Carles Puigdemont has in his hand option of abandoning way of rupture", recalls on government's request, which gives president of Generalitat a deadline that expires on Thursday at 10.00. "It is your answer that will mark future of Catalonia," he adds, on article 155, which he argues that "it is not intended to withdraw self-government, as some have tried to intoxicate, but to return it to citizens of Catalonia."

"The government is managing times well, as it should be in such a delicate situation," says José Ignacio ashtrays, president of La Rioja. Will it support application of article 155 if Puigdemont does not withdraw declaration of independence? "Yes, because it is necessary for government of Catalonia to return to legality."

"The answer must always come from rule of law." For some it may be slow, but it is only safe way to succeed, ' María José Sáenz de Buruaga, of PP of Cantabria, is topped. "The ultimate objective of article 155 is to replenish legality, so if this is achieved by anor way, its application would be in principle unnecessary."


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