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Rajoy subordinates constitutional reform to defending national sovereignty and consensus

The President asks parties to make explicit what exactly they want to change

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Rajoy subordinates constitutional reform to defending national sovereignty and consensus
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Mariano Rajoy has subordinated this Wednesday to reform of Constitution to meet three conditions: consensus, defense of national sovereignty and a previous announcement by all parties in which each explicit what parts of fundamental text wants Reform. This has been explained by President of Government during 39 anniversary of law, which has been held at Congress of Deputies.

"I'm willing to do reform, but re are two or three things I'd like to make clear," Rajoy warned reporters. "I will not accept in any way that national sovereignty is broken, for me whatever Spain decides it all Spaniards and not a part of m", has begun to enumerate. Secondly, it is very important that Constitution, its reform, be done with a very general consensus, as in 1978. "A constitution, by a majority, cannot be reformed, that is a misinformation," he continued. "And thirdly, it is very important also that everyone says what is exactly what needs to be reformed," he has finished.

On regional financing, President has recalled that he is already underway, without specifying when his commitment to Government's proposal will be topped up or renewed by 31 December. In front of criticisms of regional presidents, headed this Wednesday by Susana Díaz, Rajoy has been protected that only has 137 seats in Congress, when he needs 176 to approve new system. Depending on that parliamentary arithmetic, president has again appealed to PSOE, whose essential support he requests. The PP, said president, neir can nor wants to renew model without Socialists, because se govern in seven autonomous communities.

In addition, chief executive has shown his pride in what has represented constitution of 1978, has highlighted its full validity and has used to defend application of article 155 against Independence challenge in Catalonia.


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