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Rajoy summons its barons to recover the initiative against citizens

The National Board of the PP will meet next Monday to "analyze the political situation"

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Rajoy summons its barons to recover the initiative against citizens

Mariano Rajoy has decided to convene National Board of PP to "analyze political situation" and find solutions to challenge that raises citizens. The appointment of maximum organ between Congresses of party will take place next Monday. It will be attended by ministers, regional presidents, deputies, senators and councillors with a clear objective: To recover initiative in front of representatives of Albert Rivera as best way to prepare municipal and autonomous elections of 2019. Just a few weeks after debacle of Catalan elections, in which only four deputies achieved, PP tries to take momentum to regain lost ground in battle that confronts him with citizens to seduce electorate of center right.

"The PP will have to be its own agenda, its own activity, with a powerful and intense calendar during 2018," announced Fernando Martínez Mailo, National Coordinator of PP, after meeting of Training Steering Committee, which has described "long and intense" . "We are in year before municipal and autonomous and one of objectives is to prepare it," he recalled. And he underlined: "We start with a powerful territorial structure, we are party with more councillors, mayors, with representation in all parliaments, councils and consells. Rajoy will announce decisions in terms of calendar and activity, to be intense and very close to citizens. "

Since absolute majority of 2011, PP has suffered a progressive attrition in its electoral results. In parallel, emergence of citizens has assumed that for first time have a competitor for domain of right. As reported by country, PP seeks solutions to counteract progression of formation of Rivera for weeks. And re are already some arguments that will begin to use ir spokespeople.

The PP underline that represents useful vote because Rajoy is who is in Moncloa. You will remember that its institutional weight also reaches all communities and large municipalities, something that cannot be presumed by citizens. You will remember that this party has never had any responsibility for government, so it lacks experience necessary to consolidate exit of economic crisis and confront territorial crisis that runs through Spain with Catalonia as epicentre of earthquake . Finally, he will try to convince voters that Rivera's training is more comfortable in criticism than initiative.

As an example of this, PP says that Inés Arrimadas has won elections in Catalonia and has given up trying to form government at moment. The interview of candidate of citizens in country announcing his intention to try investiture to avoid an electoral repetition has not gone unnoticed at national headquarters of Genoa. "It's about time," Martínez Mailo said.


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