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Rajoy takes breast from the application of 155 in Catalonia

The president warns Puigdemont of the "inopportune of out against those who govern in Europe"

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Rajoy takes breast from the application of 155 in Catalonia

The application of article 155 of Constitution to try to put a stop to challenge secessionist meets one month and president of government, Mariano Rajoy, has taken advantage of his visit to Catalonia this Saturday to get breast of its results. "It is being applied quite normally." "And in a month things are better," said Rajoy from Mataró (Barcelona). The leader of PP has also criticized that former president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, has out against Europe for not supporting cause of independence: "In life you should know how to choose enemies because if you can not have problems," he warned.

"The solution to independence drift began with article 155." It has ceased to be a legal phantom and now everyone knows what it is and when it is applied, ' said Rajoy, who has visited populations of Castelldefels and Mataró. The president has ensured that constitutional mechanism "has contributed to serenity of political life" in Catalonia and has broken down some of dossiers approved by Council of Ministers since it ceased government: 2,000 seats for new teachers, Benefits for minors at risk, payment of infrastructure ... It is, however, projects that Generalitat had already designed and for those who now give green light to central government.

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The motto of Catalan PP for elections of December 21 is "Spain is solution" and, hence leader of party wanted to extend in arguing decision to convene elections. "They are elections convened by President of government because ors [in reference to Puigdemont] did not want or did not dare, or y did not leave m or three things at same time." Or two of m, "has Ironizado Rajoy." The elections, he explained, are an opportunity to "recover wounds" and that "Catalonia does not fall off economic recovery of rest of Spain."

Rajoy has wrapped head of cartel Xavier Garcia Albiol and has emphasized that vote to PP is safe on post-election scenario. "Come on safe." The votes will not support independence or extreme left which leads Constitutional Court to implement 155, in reference to Catalonia in common. The elections, he added, will serve "for people to see Catalonia as a source of progress and not as a focus of problems."

The PP is still concerned about movements of Puigdemont and his advisors in Brussels, where y are waiting for justice to decide on its extradition to Spain. Rajoy has had a few words for expresident in this sense and has reminded him of support without fractures to Spanish state before claims of recognition of ephemeral Catalan Republic. "It would be opportune and convenient to stop out against people who govern in Europe." In life it is advisable to choose enemies well, said president of Government.


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