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Rajoy warns the government: “We are going to force what we don't want to get”

The president warns Puigdemont that will use all the resources at its disposal to prevent the referendum

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Rajoy warns the government: “We are going to force what we don't want to get”

The president warns Puigdemont that will use all resources at its disposal to prevent referendum

Mariano Rajoy has defended this Friday decision of Government to intervene in finances of government and has advised Government that it will employ all legal resources at its disposal to prevent referendum from October 1. “The State is going to continue to act”, said president of Government during a speech at Board of directors of PP of Catalonia, held in Barcelona. “A president can't accept, in any of ways this sort of approach. It is not possible. Is what we have said. We are going to force what we don't want to get re”, has followed. “I say with same serenity that firmness, re will be no referendum,” he added. And has underlined: “When later rectified, more damage you will do to whole of catalans and spaniards. Do not underestimate strength of Spanish democracy. Do not underestimate him. It is very strong.”

  • The Government accuses Rajoy of having “attitudes predemocráticas”
  • The Government urges citizens to not be part of electoral tables
  • Rajoy boasts of having prevented bankruptcy of Catalonia

The Government is seen as a last resort of urgency application of article 155 of Constitution, which would allow you to “force” government to comply with law. The PSOE and Citizens, who have formed a common front with PP in front of pro-independence, coincide with analysis of Executive. However, progressive deterioration of political situation, and increase of tension in pulse, which pitted Government against Generalitat, now flagged all of speeches.

“The rule of law works”, has defended Rajoy, mindful of proceedings of Constitutional Court, office of Prosecutor and Security Forces of State against query. “Maybe some have not noticed, but more y come to realize”, he added. And has exemplified: “we must congratulate Civil Guard, which has requisitioned more than 100,000 posters of propaganda. They have done so in defense of law, Constitution, and rights of citizens.”

a Little over a week after Parliament adopted Law on referendum and Law of transience, subsequently suspended by Constitutional Court, Rajoy has wanted to launch a clear message in capital of Catalonia. Between cries of “oh president! o president!”, leader of PP has been directed to those mayors, officials and citizens who have doubts about wher or not y should participate in referendum. Also, to those who are suffering pressures after you have decided that you shall not provide query or y will not vote. The Government has said Rajoy, would not leave you alone. They will have support of rule of law. An appeal to demobilization "of moderates" against activism of pro-independence.

“If in 48 hours re is a commitment of fulfillment of law, from now on payments of government will make Government of Spain”, has warned Rajoy about intervention of finances of Government. “It will be to ensure that it complies with a law that is a european commitment; to ensure that you do not invest even a single euro in activities that have been declared illegal by courts; to ensure that people have copper; and to ensure that public services work.”

Rajoy has come to Catalonia, a day after pro-independence people would initiated campaign for referendum. The possibility that ir presence was interpreted as an act of election with a view to consultation of 1 October has marked scenery of his speech. The PP wanted to avoid any appearance that in Catalonia re is now an election campaign, a few looking for votes for yes to independence and or for no. That is why formation of Rajoy has restricted its intervention to a board of directors extended PP in Catalonia, without betting on a big stage, or by filling out a ater affiliate. The protagonists of this Friday have been representatives of Catalan party, leadership of party has paid tribute.

“Wrong, that despite some, Catalonia is Spain”, has proclaimed Xavier García Albiol with help of a choir formed by voices of attendees. “The situation that we are living to obey only and exclusively to attitude of Artur Mas, that he tried to hide his inability to manage crisis that lived Catalonia, transferring responsibility to Government of Spain” has been followed by PP leader in catalonia. “Today independence it has achieved aim of provoking a social fracture, dividing between good and bad catalans, invisible, that we don't exist simply because we do not think like m”, has regretted. “Puigdemont and Junqueras have bet against Spain, and those who bet against Spain ends up losing game”.


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