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Rays writes to Calenda & #x3a; "Pi ù powers for Roma". He & #x3a; "Is touching the ridiculous, urgent meeting in 48 Hours"

It is a clash between the first town and the Minister for Economic Development. "From first town letter rambling" "> 04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 10:03 - 18 reads.

Rays writes to Calenda & #x3a;
More powers to capital. It is in summary content of a letter that union of Rome Virginia Raggi wrote to Carlo Calenda to reiterate " opportunity to cooperate for revival of city of Rome capital". Spokes emphasizes " need for regulatory and administrative simplification which, by completing transformation started with D. Lgs. 17 September 2010 N. 156, guarantees an institutional dignity appropriate to capital of country". In letter, sent for knowledge to participants at table of 17 October, stressed " need for regulatory and administrative simplification" which "favours" also "a direct and more effective action of institution against all those who Operate on territory ". "The situation of Rome table is rapidly exceeding threshold of ridiculous-replica in strict lap Minister of Economic Development-.  From 21 September last-day when we sent first letter to start table-I try to speak with Rome trade union on preliminary work to be carried out in view of meeting set on 17 October, first date useful in its agenda, to which all The or participants had to adapt. To date I have failed to have a different contact from a condition SMS; But I continue to receive letters rambling on various topics. " While all or institutions, starting from region and associations, were immediately activated by providing ideas, projects, staff and technicians, "adds minister," only reference identified by Union is its spokesman. At this point I consider it urgent to meet Union in next 48 hours to verify real availability ' to continue in path identified with table "." Prevent it from becoming a waste of time "that political table is only ceremonial". He had commented in morning Calenda.  "The work of se weeks-explained-is to meet individually all participants to collect suggestions and material, so that political table is an operational meeting and not just ceremonial". Before table re will be meetings "technical with all institutions and civil society". The Union in its message expresses " strong need for this city to be addressed to medium and long-term policies, not limiting relaunch table to short operational steps" or "to circumscribed scope of industrial plan for Rome. It would be advisable to extend invitation to table also to or institutional representatives and category-bearers of positive instances. " These are mes and proposals that I had opportunity to gar during meetings that I had in se months within factory Rome ( protocol stipulated by Roma Capitale and trade unions last June, NDR) with representatives of world Entrepreneurial, trade union, scientific and cultural-continue-. It is a wealth of knowledge that is certainly not to be excluded. In order to achieve this, a strong commitment is essential to all institutions, realizing national policies that support subjects and companies that intend to invest in se sectors, including also regulatory simplifications that, in Full of legality, make our country more attractive and that, at same time, can speed up realization of projects ", remark union. "Of all this, and more, we'll talk to our meeting that, in a climate of keen interest in development of our city, we will see, finally, all seated around same table"


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