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Reasonable similarities between the PP primaries, the PSOE, we can and citizens

The popular, who premiered the system, have imitated behaviors that criticized when they were other parties who chose their leader

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Reasonable similarities between the PP primaries, the PSOE, we can and citizens

For years, y rejected primary system and mocked internal anger generated in PSOE or we can. "It's very good for movies"-said PP spokesman in Congress, Rafael Hernando-, but in real life "y end up slap clean". "We are not going to copy what ors do wrong," insisted Fernando Martínez-Mailo, general coordinator. Mariano Rajoy called it " Pentecost" of Socialists. José Manuel García-Margallo, one of candidates, "civil war". But here y are. The popular premieres, a hybrid system, double-turn, where Commissioners (mainly positions of Directorates General) have last word. And y have ended up replicating ir adversaries. These are some similarities between processes of PP, PSOE, we can and citizens to elect ir leader.

The census

First stop in every primary process, in case of PP, it served to dismantle mirage of more than 800,000 members, one of flags of party, remembered at each rally. The census to elect Mariano Rajoy's successor was finally reduced to 66,706 people. In case of PSOE, were 187,951 summoned, although for years ir number of affiliates was also inflated. José Blanco, Secretary of organization between 2000 and 2008 lowered nearly half a million to about 280,000 after a process of purification that forced to domicile payment of dues in a bank account. Pablo Iglesias and Íñigo Errejón also faced census when beat in primaries in 2017: first wanted to close it a month before and second to prolong that period to enroll more people. The rivals of Albert Rivera two practically unknown base members, Juan Carlos Bermejo and Diego de los Santos, also expressed doubts about telematic voting system. Rivera won with 87.3% of vote: He had only voted 34.3% of his census, that is to say, 6,874 militants.

The anger

Anor of great flags of PP has been unit, discipline of its party, against "slaps" that were given in PSOE, recognized by mselves-"We are killing each or", lamented at time candidate Patxi Lopez-. However, popular ones have ended up lowering also melee in ir primaries. Margallo promised to do "everything possible" so that Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría was not a candidate. Later, he referred to his opponents as " two widows and adoptive son of Rajoy." "This is a discussion of ideas, not a Miss America," he declared.

María Dolores de Cospedal released unveiled reproaches to vice-President: "Militants prefer someone to face, rar than those who hide," he said during campaign. "I would have liked to apply 155 before. I would have liked this TV3 to have been intervened and not a propaganda apparatus, "he added, in anor dart for woman to whom Rajoy commissioned strategy to independence challenge in Catalonia."

Pablo Casado spoke directly of "tripping" and "pressures". "My campaign is not one that presses anyone," retorted Cospedal, without naming him, retándole to denounce m. Both were also involved in a generational issue. Casado presented himself as young candidate for "regenerating" PP: "Politics is not a marathon. It's a relay race. I belong to a generation that is already in front of or parties, is chairing five governments in EU or front of Canada and Colombia, "he said. Cospedal responded that youth "does not imply regeneration", but "less experience".

The exchange of daggers of PP, not osbtante, has not yet reached level of PSOE, nor to that of we can, perhaps one that most openly expresses its differences. Luis Alegre, party's founder, spoke of " conspirators" who intended to "destroy project." Santiago Alba Rico, member of list of Errejón, said that party arrived at Congress of Vistalegre "broken" after "procedural tricks, fraudulent plebiscites, political blackmail and criminal practices absolutely Unacceptable among companions. " It was also aficionaron to tweets war, as happened with campaign asinoiñigo shortly before Errejón lost to churches.

Disavowing apparatus

Anor classic of primary process is public distancing of famous "apparatus", that is, structure of power in party. In PSOE, Pedro Sánchez presented himself as " candidate of militancy". In PP, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría also wanted to clarify: "I have not been in party apparatus." Married thus announced its campaign: "I want to be candidate of bases, not of notable ones. From street not from offices. "

Aznar? What AZNAR?

The past of PP has also been point of friction. In PSOE's primaries, while Susana Díaz was surrounded by old guard (Felipe González, Alfonso Guerra, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba...), Sanchez proclaimed that Spain 35 years ago is not today and " solutions n are not worth for Spain or PSOE." Among popular, Cospedal, convinced that Jose Maria Aznar now subtracts points, said that former president was behind campaign of married. He replied: "I am surprised that people who have been doing politics with Aznar for 30 years say I am Aznar's candidate."

The Talisman

In primaries re is usually a figure with which all candidates want to take a picture. In PP, was Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who came down at last minute of career Successoria, and received in procession to aspirants from Galicia. In Socialist primaries of 2015, for example, it was Eduardo Madina who took image with Alfonso Guerra, veteran of Andalusian socialism, one of great fishing grounds of affiliates.

The campaign

They laughed a lot of web in which current President of Government was presented as "Pdro Snchz". Also of "ZP" Shoemaker. Now, candidacy of Vice-President is headed by a "SoraYA". They also mocked "I take my car to travel Spain" by Sánchez. But in last days all candidates to preside over PP have presumed miles of campaigning: "Swimming is our Congress to go into heat, n we have to take bike to win upcoming municipal elections and Autonomic. And once we do bike, we're going to win marathon for Pedro Sanchez and get him out of government, "Sáenz de Santamaría said.

Much to sew also in PP from today.


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