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Reform of the labour code : Edouard Philippe receives the support of Merkel

The prime minister has not spared its efforts to convince Berlin of the "credibility" of its policy.

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Reform of the labour code : Edouard Philippe receives the support of Merkel
When he went to Berlin, on may 15, day after his installation in presidential Palace, Emmanuel Macron promised to "conduct in-depth reforms to restore confidence" between France and Germany, and displayed his ambition of " refounding Europe ". At his side, face to face with journalists from many to approach this young president whose election had been greeted with enthusiasm in germany, Angela Merkel had wished " good luck ". And n she had quoted this sentence from writer Hermann Hesse : "At beginning of all things re is a charm. "Before adding :" But charm only lasts if results are re. "

Four months later, charm continues to operate ? In going to her tour in Berlin, Friday, September 15, Edouard Philippe is actively used. First face to an audience of business leaders German to which he gave a speech perfectly calibrated. Not only because it was in part delivered in language of his audience, which allowed him to slip that he had been a high-school student in Bonn and had spent his aquarium in Germany. But mostly because statement that he has made his policy – " clean up public expenditure ", "substantially reduce taxes, "" to reduce labour cost drastically "... – was perfect summary of what business world germans are waiting for France for years.

subsequently Received by Ms. Merkel, Mr. Philip was, re also, made sure to use words that were expected. Questioned, during press conference that followed ir lunch, on rise of protests against proposed reforms of government, prime minister asked, " respect that is given to those who demonstrate also to be given to those who have voted ". At his side, chancellor has pointedly elected to chief : "It is significant that Emmanuel Macron has said during election campaign, what reforms he wanted and in what time frame. This gives it a legitimacy, extremely strong, "she said, noting that it" supported se reforms, and in particular that of labour market ".

" Relaunch Europe "

French government, getting support of Mrs Merkel, se days, is both risky and valuable. Risky because it comes one week before presentation to council of ministers of ordinances amending labour code, and that, in such context, executive has no interest to support his opponents in ir idea that its policy is dictated by Berlin. A charge rejected by government. "The reforms, in particular on budget plan, it does not at request of Germany. It is because country needs it. It is not going to make our copy to Germany ", was responsible to prime minister prior to coming of Mr. Philippe in Berlin.

More than this risk, government prefers to see interest that it has to get now support of Ms. Merkel. Has eight days of parliamentary elections in germany, chancellor is not able to act. In Paris, it is estimated, refore, that time is right to restore "credibility" of France in order that it heard a "loud voice" in coming weeks. "This is time to inject ideas to give Europe a boost, even if results of elections in Germany are not known. It is necessary to infuse ideas now, because once coalition formed, it will be locked. This is why president of Republic will make proposals as soon after result of German elections, " says one at Matignon.

If France takes its brands, is because she fears that a change of coalition in Berlin, marked by departure of social democrats (SPD) and arrival of liberal democrats (FDP) to sides of conservatives of angela Merkel, do not kill in bud projects Mr. Macron on future of euro zone. Friday, in Berlin, German chancellor, has remained very cautious on subject. Certainly, " certainly, we need to strengn governance of euro area, she said. But for me what is important is that expressions which are advanced and government of euro area, european finance minister, budget should also have a content ".

Of two messages that Mr. Macron had come hammering at Berlin on 15 may, only one appears to have convinced Ms. Merkel for moment : his determination to undertake reforms. With regard to its ambition of " refounding Europe ", chancellor has relatively shown under charm.


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