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Rull questions before Llarena the separation of powers and accuses him of acting coordinated with the government

Processed advisors harden their discourse after returning to prison

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Rull questions before Llarena the separation of powers and accuses him of acting coordinated with the government

The excouncillors of Generalitat of Catalonia Joaquim Forn (Interior), Josep Rull (Territory and Sustainability) and Raül Romeva (outside) have appeared this Tuesday before Judge Paul Llarena to know officially crimes attributed to m (rebellion and Embezzlement). The statements reveal a change in strategy of one of defendants that already began to be seen in appearances of this Monday of Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Sànche Z and Jordi Cuixart. After trying unsuccessfully to persuade Llarena to release m with conciliatory messages, independence leaders have hardened ir discourse and are questioning judge's performance before instructor himself. This Tuesday has been especially critical attitude of Rull advisor, who has told judge that he is losing his "prestige." According to sources present in interrogations, former owner of territory and Sustainability has questioned division of powers and has accused instructor of acting "coordinated" with Minister of Justice, Rafael Catala.

"The oral trial will be a mere formality," said Rull before judge and prosecutors, as explained by sources of defenses and accusation that Vox exerts. "We would not be here judged if we had not won elections," said Excouncillor, who also defended that in countries of norrn Europe re is a "better than Spanish" justice, in reference to decisions being taken by courts From Germany, Belgium or Scotland with defendants eloped. Rull has also recalled words spoken this week by Minister of Finance Cristóbal Montoro in which he refuses to have used public money for procés.

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According to se sources, Rull has rejected accusations that are imputed to him and, among or facts, has denied that his decision not to authorize that one of boats displaced in police device of illegal referendum of 1 October entered port of Palamós (Girona ) had political motivations. The decision not to allow its entry, it has argued, was taken for "technical" reasons, due to large dimensions of ship and capacities of port. Rull has criticized three arguments for which Llarena sent him back on 23 March to remand: because he participated in elaboration of political documents that served as basis of electoral program independence of 2015, because he participated in Meetings discussing sovereignty process and not giving permission for that police ship to dock in port of Palamós.

The Excouncillor Romeva, in line with what affirmed this Monday by Junqueras, Sànchez and Cuixart, has insisted on peaceful character of procés and denounced "criminalization" of ideas independence. Romeva has defended judge that Catalonia has "legitimacy" to aspire to independence and has argued that y were police officers and not citizens who exercised violence on 1 October. The Exadviser has also reproached Llarena that supreme is not competent to investigate it and has denounced difficulties that, he says, is to communicate with his lawyer.

Llarena, according to sources, has left defendants to expose ir criticisms and n has tried to make m see that y are not substantiated. As he has already noticed in some of his cars, he has stated that in this case it is not all written or will be and has highlighted that he has not prosecuted all leaders that charged and that not all defendants are for all crimes that initially attributed m.

The former Conseller Joaquim Forn, of Interior, has been first to declare this Tuesday and, according to legal sources, his statement has been most conciliatory. Forn has reiterated his arguments of previous appointments in supreme: he did not support any kind of violence in procés and that he is against unilateral way to achieve independence. The Exadviser recalled that he resigned in January to his seat of deputy and has assured that he has no intention of returning to politics. Forn also took advantage of his appearance to ask Llarena to leave him on parole to prepare his defense for trial supreme expects to celebrate next fall. The home owner has answered his lawyer's questions about his personal attachment (to rule out risk of escape) and his resignation from policy (criminal reiteration).


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