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Sanchez accuses Colau of having fallen on the side of independence

The Secretary general of the PSOE blames the rights to act with enormous blindness in the process secessionist

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Sanchez accuses Colau of having fallen on the side of independence

Pedro Sánchez, Secretary general of PSOE, has accused Ada Colau, mayor of Barcelona this noon, of having finally abandoned his months of "equilibrium" and to have fallen at end of side of "wrong side", that of independence that, in his opinion, does not have "nothing of Left ". The socialist leader has reproached mayor that Secessionism only implies subordinate and accepting " fracture of coexistence, insolidarity and threat of hundreds of thousands of jobs."

A proposal "negotiated and dialogued for Catalonia"

The Socialist International has unanimously adopted a resolution in which it promotes a negotiated and dialogued solution in Catalonia within rule of law and which culminate in a reform of Constitution in federal sense and a new statute in Catalonia. The proposal is one that has always defended Iceta. The text concludes that in Catalonia re is no social majority in favour of independence and "much less partisan of roads leading to exit of democratic legality". The document stresses that unilateralism has generated " marching and 2,000 enterprises, social fracture, international isolation and weakening of Catalan institutions". Finally, he points out that government's "immobilist stance" has been "highly irresponsible" and has contributed to "aggravate" problem.

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In closing remarks of Council of Socialist International, which has been held since this Friday in Barcelona, Sánchez has made a hard portrait of independence that he has accused of being part of "reactionary" agenda of Europe. "Catalonia is not better neir political, neir socially nor economically than five years ago," he underlined. For this reason, Secretary general of PSOE has vindicated legacy that Socialists have left in Barcelona, which have governed most of last three decades, considering that y are ones who have best understood spirit of an avant-garde and solidarity city.

Sánchez's message has occurred just after municipal government's fracture was consummated in Barcelona by breaking alliance between Barcelona in Comú and PSC. The rupture has already behaved first consequences: PSC forced mayor on Friday to revise its hotel plan, Star project of its mandate. In front of an auditorium composed mostly of foreign speakers, Sánchez has omitted to make any allusion to his party's position on application of article 155; Her refusal to invest Inés Arrimadas in event that she is constitutional candidate who obtains more votes or imprisonment of exadvisors and Carles Puigdemont.

After asserting that unilateral pathways only behave "poverty, isolation and social fracture," Sánchez has also criticized "rights" for reacting with "enormous blindness" to independence. "We will never let anyone take idea of Catalonia or Spain." Our difference with PP and citizens is that we are not Spain: We are all without exclusions, "he has held." The socialist has posted three errors which, in his opinion, is committing Rajoy: aspire to govern Catalonia without hearing it; Betting on "immobilism" that implies "gigantic" problems and, finally, to repeat error of "recentralising" state with autonomic involution.


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