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Sánchez and Díaz disagree on consensus to open Constitution reform

The leader of the PSOE and the president of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, urged Rajoy to fulfil its commitment to present a model of regional funding before the end of the year

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Sánchez and Díaz disagree on consensus to open Constitution reform

The Secretary general of PSOE was presented in commemoration of 39 anniversary of Constitution with a clear message in defense of its reform, not only to update territorial model, but to recognize new rights and freedoms and "to forge" "Great consensus, giving stability and giving assurances to young people." Sánchez was also optimistic in informal conversation with journalists about possibility of opening reform in September next year, despite reluctance expressed by PP, which circumscribes election campaign. After 21-D "We will have to move things in national politics", anticipates leader of PSOE.

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  • Rajoy subordinates constitutional reform to defending national sovereignty

"Spain has to look to future, politics has to look to future", wielded Sanchez in Congress, for whom discourse of reform of Constitution is one of axes of its political project, and also its main commitment to solve Catalan conflict. "The Constitution is defended, applied and also reformed", defended leader of PSOE urging thus president of Government, although it avoided to mention and argue with him. In recent weeks, Rajoy and Sánchez have been crossing messages in public about commitment that Socialist leader defends that president acquired with him to open reform next year, and that Rajoy comes to evade. But Sanchez, in public and in private, argues that he trusts word of Rajoy and that PP "moves" and will end up entering reform.

The Secretary general of PSOE agrees with president that a reform of Constitution requires a broad consensus, and he believes that he cannot leave out neir nationalists or we can. But Sanchez disagrees that it is so difficult to forge this consensus, because he argues that "in substantial, in central issues" re are not so many discrepancies between big parties. The leader of PSOE is willing that plurinationality that he defended in primaries is not raised for purposes of reform "in same terms" in which it was approved in 39 Congress of PSOE after his re-election. Since Secesionsista challenge was sharpened at end of September, defense of Plurinationality has moved to a second level in PSOE.

Sánchez's optimism collides, however, with skepticism of his party partner and rival in primaries to General Secretariat, Susana Díaz, who wanted to underline yesterday message in Madrid that I saw no wickers to open debate. Diaz confessed "unoptimistically" with possibilities of constitutional reform. "I do not see PP nor can we to do it," President emphasized.

"Rajoy is not a reformer convinced to put all meat on spit to give this country constitutional reform," grumbled Diaz, who also criticized we can because "does not recognize what was transition and wants to challenge it." Although Diaz also defends reform of Constitution as necessary and urgent, his words were an obvious contrast with Sánchez's speech.

The relationship between two leaders is still bad. The ceremony was greeted briefly and Diaz left reception after speech of President of Congress, Ana Pastor, without staying at cocktail. Sánchez did converse with or two Socialist autonomic presidents displaced to event, Castellanomanchego, Emiliano García Page, and Extremadura, Guillermo Fernandez Vara. The Andalusian president also made a vehement speech calling for a new model of regional funding. Although direction of PSOE also urges Government to propose its model, in Ferraz believe that Diaz is still looking — also in this matter — permanent contrast with Sánchez.


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