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Sanchez announces rent improvements and prohibition by law of tax amnesties

The Government advocates express consent in sexual offenses if he says no is no and if he doesn't say yes it's not

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Sanchez announces rent improvements and prohibition by law of tax amnesties

Tax increase for companies. Improvement of regional financing. Labor law retouching. New Toledo pact to revalue pensions according to IPC. Abolition by law of tax amnesties (something that already announced a year ago former minister Cristóbal Montoro). and improvements in regulatory framework of rents to deflate bubble. The President of government, Pedro Sánchez, announced this morning in a long speech of 91 minutes a package of economic measures in his first appearance in Congress, which add some of announcements of last few weeks in or chapters, such as Exhumation of remains of Franco in valley of Fallen "in a very short space of time", and claim to agree "a political solution for Catalonia" through dialogue.

Economic policy is star of its first speech, although without great news about announcements that in recent weeks have been departing ir ministers, except perhaps new path of public deficit, which will allow autonomous communities a greater Fiscal margin of two-tenths of GDP. In total, about 2.5 billion euros, as this newspaper advances today.

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The executive has requested Brussels more flexibility with public deficit, but at same time certifies that at least two tax hikes will arrive: to technological companies (in a sector that hardly pays taxes, and with declared objective of squaring Sustainability of pension system) and in corporate tax. The effective type of companies will be at 15%, said Sánchez. The executive seeks to approximate effective rates to nominal: If any company does not reach rate of 15% ( Ibex listed as average below 10%) will limit deductions. Corporate tax revenues have fallen to lead in course of great Crisis; The objective of Government's economic team is to sharpen a fiscal figure that has become a sort of gruyere cheese, riddled with holes in form of deductions and tax credits.

Outside economic sphere, three fundamental issues: Catalonia, historical memory and gender-based violence. About Catalonia has shown its willingness to "reach a political solution" through "a frank and direct dialogue". On historical memory, he pointed out that in a "short space of Time" remains of Franco from valley of fallen will be exhumed — although yesterday executive admitted that re will be delays in that chapter. And on gender-based violence, Sanchez has reiterated that executive will reform laws to clarify crimes related to sexual assault, as Vice President Carmen Calvo said. "If you say no is that no and if you don't say yes too is that no," president said, despite doubts of jurists on reform of Penal code and of Criminal Prosecution Act similar to that of Sweden to ensure that rates do not depend on Interpretation of judges.

On housing, Sanchez has reiterated that executive is committed to putting a park of 20,000 public housing for rent, as this newspaper advanced. It also seeks to increase compulsory extension of leases from three to five years; Limit bonds, and narrow down tourist flats to deflate price bubble that is detected in some big cities. Along with housing, employment policies: Sanchez has made several advertisements on labor market, including a shock plan to create youth employment, which has not detailed. Spain undergoes a youth unemployment of 45%, compared to 20% of EU. Its goal is an "equitable sharing of wealth" in which wages regain weight in national income y had before crisis, with a minimum wage rise, fight against submerged economy, illegal overtime, false Autonomous and discrimination by race or gender.

It has also stated that it will review relief contracts, which will develop new regulation of non-labour practices, and that it will approve a statute of scholar. and has pointed to repeal of offences related to trade union activity: "We will repeal article 315, paragraph 3, of Penal code on Offences relating to freedom of association". "We are going to adopt a master plan against Labour exploitation, which will entail a change of course in labour policies, to eradicate deregulation of working conditions," he said.

In front of that battery of more or less known advertisements, first reactions of opposition. "Month and a half to tell us his plan of government. 56 minutes and I have not yet heard a single reform to address three major bottlenecks to country's progress: employment, education, institutions. You can not live by gestures forever, "said Toni Roldán, citizens. Rafael Hernando, of PP, has replicated Sanchez's speech with hard attacks on " concessions to independence" that come from "a coup against institutions", has reproached transfer to Catalonia of politicians prisoners and has wondered "how will Approve government all se reforms with only 85 deputies. " "Are you with Spain or those who want to break it?", he questioned. "You have not presented a government program but a livelihood plan with Bolivarian Communists," he has sentenced.

In his speech, Ione Belarra, de Can, has claimed that "with CIE all we can do is close m", while he has demanded that list of fraudsters be unveiled. WSe can publish and we will prove it, "he said. "What y have said of tapes that affect King Juan Carlos is same as PP said on roles of Bárcenas," he reproached Alberto Garzón. Albert Rivera has also been very critical of first 50 days of management: "This is a government with no direction and no parliamentary majority, no votes at polls, no country project."

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