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Sánchez defends reform of the Constitution to provide stability and recognize new rights

The leader of the PSOE and the president of Andalusia, Susana Díaz, urged Rajoy to fulfil its commitment to present a model of regional funding before the end of the year

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Sánchez defends reform of the Constitution to provide stability and recognize new rights

The PSOE advocates a reform of Spanish Constitution not only to undertake an update and improvement of territorial model, but also to recognize new rights and freedoms and "to forge great consensus, give stability and give assurances to young people", Pedro Sánchez defended this Wednesday on his arrival at commemoration of 39 anniversary of Magna Carta. "Spain has to look to future, politics has to look to future," said socialist leader, who has also urgeded president of government, Mariano Rajoy, to fulfill its commitment and present its proposal for a model of regional funding before End of year.

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"Spain needs again to forge great consensus." "The Constitution is defended, applied and also reformed," Sánchez said. The Secretary general of PSOE considers that application of article 155 has shown " resilience of Constitution to a unilateral attack to try to break territorial unity of country", but also makes a "self-critical" reading of 39 years of The validity of constitutional text, since some recognised rights, such as housing or health care, have not been effectively enjoyed by citizens.

The president of Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, has also asked President of government to leave his state of eternal hope to accelerate process of constitutional reform: "Rajoy is in a pure state and in that State is not a convinced reformist who puts all Meat at steakhouse to give this country constitutional reform that guarantees coexistence of next 40 years, "he said.

Díaz has also criticized "challenge" we can of Magna carta: "We can not recognize what was transition, wants to challenge and change everything to not recognize how much and good that has made this Constitution by Spain."

The need for a new model

The principles of autonomous financing have to be also enrolled in Constitution, understands Pedro Sánchez, who asks Rajoy to fulfill his triple commitment (with law, with autonomous presidents and with citizens in his agreement of endowment) and Submit your proposal for a new financing model by December 31. "There are three commitments that president is breaching," Sánchez complained. The model of PSOE, with whom government wants to forge an agreement, will collect elements such as territorial dispersal, ageing, depopulation and unemployment rate.

Andalusia cannot wait to have a new model of autonomic financing, said Diaz: "The financing model must be on table before December 31 because president promised", and added: "Wrong we begin if President gives his word to "Three weeks after deadline becomes wet paper."

The delay of Rajoy is due, according to Díaz, to electoral interests of Partido Popular in face of autonomics of 2019: "It wants to take advantage of effort that we have made communities and municipalities to jump all year 2018", so that later Minister arrives "(Cristóbal) Montoro with tax gifts that we are accustomed to before elections," he concluded. The Andalusian president does not accept that Rajoy leaves with excuse of lack of time to have a proposal before end of year: "If you do not do it because you do not want." "Time has, three weeks."

For Diaz, a good model of financing is one that takes care of all communities alike: "A good far and a good mor of family should treat all ir children equal, and one who has less must help him more to live like his brors". It has also regretted that Government has lengned deadlines in order to provoke fights between autonomic governments: "They have us in trouble to see if in one way or anor y are facing territories at a time when country needs unity, consensus" , agreement and a project of coexistence, and that is only guaranteed with an equal treatment, "he said.


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