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Sánchez faces his first crisis with the resignation of the cultural owner

Huerta resigns after seven days in office to be known that in 2014 was condemned for creating a society to reduce the payment of taxes

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Sánchez faces his first crisis with the resignation of the cultural owner

The President of executive, Pedro Sanchez, has been forced to face his first crisis of government on sixth day of forming his team. The Minister of Culture and Sport, Màxim Huerta, presented on Wednesday his resignation to discover that he was convicted of a tax fraud of 256,000 euros, so he had to pay a fine of 365,000 euros. It was not enough for Sanchez to be at peace with Treasury, despite fact that resigner placed outcropping of his fraud in an attack "of pack" to project of Sanchez. His replacement in portfolio will be José Guirao Cabrera, director of Reina Sofía Museum.

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In just under 11 hours, first crisis of government of Pedro Sanchez was resolved. This speed bears president's personal mark against facts that have violated ethical parameters. The past is not cleared for chief executive Although accounts have been settled, as this Wednesday was patent with resignation of his Minister of Culture and Sport. "I'm going to get pack not to break Pedro Sanchez's project," Huerta announced at seven o'clock in afternoon, after declaring herself "innocent", both when she had to pay IRS — after a sentence for tax fraud — like this Wednesday, when she left office after Of having remained only six days in it. Neir President of Government nor any official spokesperson made any statement. The tour was done only by Resigner, although Sanchez closely followed evolution of information. The president did not authorize anyone in his name to say that with explanations given by Huerta before his resignation issue was settled, although some information appeared in that regard.

From eight in morning, when it was known information unveiled by confidential of problems of Huerta with Hacienda, until writer and journalist resigned at seven in afternoon, " noise" as pointed out Huerta, grew without stopping by statements of PP And toger we can. Both formations requested ir resignation immediately and recalled, in addition, statements of Sánchez incompatible with maintenance in position of holder of culture. "A politician who creates a society to pay half taxes would be day after meeting outside my executive," said Sanchez in 2015 referring to founder of Can, Juan Carlos purse.

Defense of project

But Resigner ended his six days as a minister with an allegation, necessary, in defense of Sanchez. According to Huerta, she had tried to harm her government. "They try to undermine Pedro Sanchez's project," he accused on Wednesday without identifying who he was referring to. His resignation justified her as a personal decision.

The former minister had not given samples during early morning hours of thinking about throwing towel. First he said it at Onda Zero and n in SER chain. He said that nothing had to be reproached. Very early he had talked with President of Government and with his collaborators. "I told m to stay calm," he said. He argued that, as "hundreds of creators", he regulated his situation "after a change in tax criterion" that he considered irregular creation of societies to tax instead of paying as a natural person. "This matter is not as a minister, it was like Màxim Huerta, and in face of a change of Hacienda's regularicé everything, I paid all that was and closed," he answered repeated questions about wher he would resign. Already in afternoon, showed a gloomy tone and earnest countenance. With emotion he proclaimed that most important thing in his life was culture and by it he was leaving.

Huerta's replacement will take possession today. José Guirao Cabrera, Almeria (Pulpí, 1959), with a long history in world of art and cultural management, will be new Minister of Culture and Sport. He was director of Reina Sofía Museum and has directed cultural foundations. His profile is very different from his predecessor who, in his farewell, mentioned three times to " pack" for which innocence "is not worth anything."

Detractors in PSOE

Màxim Huerta had already detractors in PSOE since its appointment, but, after knowing its problems with Treasury, it was considered that it was to resign. "They did it many in ir world, but it is badly done and none is a minister," Socialist leaders said.


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