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Sanchez, ready to negotiate the election date after being elected president

The PSOE initiates contacts with other groups by parliamentary courtesy, but not to pact

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Sanchez, ready to negotiate the election date after being elected president

Pedro Sánchez offers rest of parties to agree on date of elections if he is elected president as a result of his motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy. The leader of PSOE has taken this commitment to deputies, senators and Socialist MEPs meeting this Tuesday in Congress. Sanchez offers to agree when people should be called to polls once arrived at Moncloa, not before, because first calls for consensus on censorship of Mariano Rajoy, and n on stability of political life. In parallel, party has started contacts with or groups on motion, but rules out that y are to negotiate anything, but only as "parliamentary courtesy," say official sources. The socialist leader has started those contacts with PNV, ERC, PDeCAT, we can and Compromís, and has not yet done so with citizens.

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"The Roadmap is meridianly clear," Sanchez said in face of doubts about concretion of his plans. "It is, first, to achieve a consensus on censorship; Secondly, around stability of country; And n, consensus to give voice to citizens, "he summed up.

"We, as leaders of opposition in a parliamentary democracy, have assumed our responsibility, and humbly ask whole of parliamentary forces to assume ir own," Sanchez claimed. "That we all agree toger necessary censorship, which expects whole of citizens, PP and President of Government, and n we talk, tend bridges to stabilize and normalize in our country and summon Spaniards to polls To decide with ir vote future y want to give ir country, "he proposed.

The offer of Sanchez to rest of forces is to agree after motion, because PSOE claims that will not open any negotiations with rest of political formations before initiative is debated, this Thursday and Friday in Congress. The Socialists limit ir conversations with or groups se days to "contacts of parliamentary courtesy" to expose m to arguments of motion.

These contacts were led by Pedro Sánchez himself, as revealed by ERC, who yesterday called Joan Tardá, leader of Republicans, and gave him to José Luis Ábalos, Secretary of organization, as interlocutor. Between yesterday and today, Sanchez contact all groups except PP, official sources say, but "not to negotiate anything." "What could we negotiate in two days?", add se sources.

The Socialist leader has also spoken with leader of Can, Pablo Iglesias, according to sources of Can, and with president of PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, report in Basque formation. "The PNV has not yet decided his position on motion of censure. For now, we have only received a call, last night, from Pedro Sánchez to Andoni Ortuzar. There are still many unknowns to clear, "says Aitor Esteban, reports Pedro Gorospe. The position of PNV is key to prosperous motion of PSOE, since after refusal of citizens to support it only possible arithmetic sum is to add deputies of PSOE (84) to those of United we can and Compromís (71), 5 of PNV and 17 of ERC and PDeCAT. In total, 177 seats, one more than absolute majority.

Sánchez has also exchanged messages with spokesman of PDeCAT in Congress, Carles Campuzano, explains that match, while Ábalos has spoken with spokesman of Compromís, Joan Baldoví. The only uncontacted party is still citizens. In morning of this Tuesday Sanchez had not yet called Albert Rivera, according to sources of this party, reports Jordi Perez Colomé. Citizens rejects offer of PSOE because Sanchez is candidate and would not convene immediate elections, has advanced spokesman in Congress, Juan Carlos Girauta.

The strategy is that or parties decide ir vote to censure Rajoy with answer to a question: "It is very clear: if after knowing sentence of Gürtel, Mariano Rajoy can continue as president of government," said socialist leader. The PSOE hopes to put to this dilemma 350 deputies and Sanchez has warned that question " answer is yes or no, re are no intermediate positions."

The Socialist secretary General Riveted this idea with two arguments, which seek to pressure rest of forces and above all citizens. The first, that "re is no political or electoral calculation that justifies permanence of Mariano Rajoy as president of Government". And second, that success or failure of motion affects quality of Spanish democracy. "The Yes to motion is not a yes to PSOE, is a yes to a democracy that values itself," said Sanchez, who has been greeted with a standing applause for socialist parliamentarians. At meeting, brief, only two deputies have intervened, former president of Castilla la Mancha José María Barreda and deputy for Cáceres César Ramos, according to sources present. The first has complained that his signature appeared in motion of censure without having been consulted before, while second has congratulated Sanchez for initiative.


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