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Santamaria ditches internal warfare, but doubts the scope of integration

Married needs to unite the party with a possible imputation for his master and for the upcoming election appointments, but owes favors to his team and the Cospedalistas

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Santamaria ditches internal warfare, but doubts the scope of integration

Life in PP has been divided into two times: before and after primaries. This Sunday, both candidates, winner and defeated, were dedicated to rest and try to overcome two concussions: winning and having lost in first internal votes to elect President of training. This Monday begins what Paul married — and before him, Susana Diaz — called "Sew Party", and this week leader wants to convene Executive Committee to approve new organization chart, incorporating soldiers from loser side. But it won't be easy. "Rar than integrating, it's about not passing guillotine. There are not so many possibilities to join, although it will, "says a member of team of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

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Married did not want to say name of its Secretary general to agree with Santamaría, but, according to statutes of PP, must leave list that presented to Congress last Saturday, covered, entirely, by commitments acquired during campaign: WHO He was supported from beginning (as Javier Maroto or Teodoro García) and who later joined anti-Soraya block, Cospedalistas Isabel García Tejerina, Dolors Montserrat, Juan Ignacio Zoido and Rafael Catala. In addition, re are territorial charges that helped to collect support in ir territories, such as Esperanza Oña (Andalusia).

Sources close to Santamaría doubt that he is going to suggest to married who, on that list of strangers, seems least bad to be Secretary general.

Santamaría and his team are very aware that re are not that many free gaps. "Married has compromises with cospedalistas, those of Feijóo, those of its campaign, signings, like Daniel street... That is cabin of Marx brors, re is overbooking, "says one of his collaborators. Dismissing post of secretary or secretary General, re are Vicesecretarías, current and ors that can be created, and within that, Deputy Secretary of organization does not have same responsibility as that of communication, for example.

In team of Vice-President admit that y were not expected to defeat and that for that reason "has been a blow." "We've been blind since minute one. A lot has been played behind scenes, many people have lied to us, "reflects one of Santamaría's main supporters. "We thought that when Aznar, most unpleasant man in politics, support to make you hear, game dirty with dignity and justice [ married team disseminated a statement of organization harshly criticizing Santamaría] and signing of people who had To resign for lying (former minister José Manuel Soria) would play in our favor, but it has not been so. " The blow will leave casualties. Some, y explain in team of Vice-President, believe that y have closed a stage in this Congress and will abandon policy.

Among those who remain, with Santamaría to head, according to sources consulted by country, re is will to turn page as soon as possible so that party recovers everything that exhibited during campaign and can offer a picture of unity to focus on making Oposic Ion to Government of Pedro Sánchez. "If it had been or way around, if Soraya had won, re are people on married team that I don't imagine being so generous, but we have will to collaborate," says a collaborator of Vice-President. "And he also needs to include people with a more moderately ideological profile on his team," he adds. Santamaría wants to sign peace.

On or side, winning team is also interested in closing wounds. "Curves come for all: if imputed by master will need all possible support of party, and soon re are municipal and autonomous elections," y say. "Change now to candidate in Andalusia [Juan Manuel Moreno, who supported Santamaría, as Javier arenas] would be suicidal," y add. Married could visit this week community where strongest was, in principle, candidacy of Vice-President.

"No one would understand that prescindiéramos of people as valid as Alfonso Alonso or Fatima Báñez," says a member of married team. "And we must remember that in first phase of votes, members gave a majority support to Santamaría, and in second, supported by 43% of Commissioners," adds one of collaborators of former Vice-president.

So begins new era of PP without Mariano Rajoy.

The candidacy for Madrid and or electoral gaps

The integration of Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría and his collaborators in team that won Congress of PP last weekend will be in several phases. The first, organic, must be closed before holidays, this week, with call and approval of new Executive Committee. But re are or ways to explore: Congress of Deputies and lists for upcoming regional and municipal elections.

The Exvicepresienta takes time in pools for candidacy of presidency of community of Madrid or even city Council of capital. The current Madrid prefeels after resignation of Cristina Cifuentes, Ángel Garrido, supported Cospedal in first round of primary voting and married in second.

Anor option, according to sources of his candidacy, could be in Congress, being spokesman and putting himself in front of popular group in chamber. Santamaría has already occupied that position. In 2008, when he was 37 years old — same ones he married now — Rajoy named her spokesman to replace Eduardo Zaplana.

Anor option to integrate those who supported Santamaría and also to pay favors lent to married during campaign are electoral lists. The new leader will have Juan Manuel Moreno (who supported Vice-President), in Andalusia. Xabier Albiol, who backed publicly married, has anticipated that he wishes to be mayor of Badalona.

Integration will not be easy in this area eir. "The primaries have exacerbated internal problems that came from earlier in places like Galicia, Cantabria or Valencian Community. Catalonia is a field battle, says a collaborator of Santamaría.

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