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Separatism uses city halls to circumvent electoral neutrality

Electoral boards accumulate resolutions demanding the withdrawal of independence symbols and slogans

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Separatism uses city halls to circumvent electoral neutrality

The list is long. A huge banner with slogan "Freedom of political prisoners" hanging on main balcony of facade of consistory of Sabadell; Yellow ribbons made with light bulbs as part of Christmas lights of Vilafranca del Penedès; Posters with slogans like "Fearless." Disobeying for independence "exhibited on bulletin board of local government of high Vilella; Or a huge yellow loop of cloth hanging from town hall of Torrelles de Foix ... They are some examples of a situation denounced by citizens and PP.

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"It is not possible to use institutions because y represent all Catalans and not just a few," said Tuesday Manel Losada, candidate for Parlament in list led by Inés Arrimadas. "It is unacceptable that many have not yet complied with resolution of Electoral board, which calls for removal of placards, flags and symbols of a political and partisan nature of public buildings," continued representative of citizens, after Electoral Board of Zone give m reason and oblige municipalities of Vic, Torelló, Calldetenes and Tavèrnoles to remove se symbols.

These four local governments have obeyed and withdrawn symbols, as reported by Europa Press. But this measure, for time being, is not expected to take place in Sabadell, where electoral board has dictated anor resolution to remove se "partisan" badges. "In principle, we will maintain m while resource we have presented is resolved," commented country A spokesman for this city council of Barcelona. "The placards and ties hanging in municipal buildings are not identified with any specific candidacy and are only a embodiment of exercise of right to freedom of expression that we all have," said mayor, Matías Serracant.

The presence of placards in favor of "political prisoners" and yellow ties are a constant in public spaces throughout Catalonia. And Central electoral board was already manifested last week: "During election periods, public authorities are obliged to strictly maintain political neutrality and should refrain from placing in public buildings, and or places of Public ownership, symbols that may be considered partisan. And y must withdraw those that have been placed before electoral call, said agency, which specified that this criterion was applied to "flags, ties, placards or any or symbol" that is identified with any of candidacies.

Political battle

This battery of resolutions has also crept into dialectic battle between parties. Alfred Bosch (ERC) described as "indecent decision of Electoral board to prohibit Barcelona from illuminating yellow The fountains, color become emblem of drivers of procés — in fact, ANC has begun to hang on streets posters of this color and without Any kind of slogan —. "That re are people in prison for political reasons and that PP, PSC or citizens are engaged in banning letters, sources and placards seems to us that it touches ridicule," said leader independence.

But this is not only complaint of relevance of opposition that have accepted electoral boards. It has also been forbidden for members of 21-D polling stations to carry yellow ribbons; And that members of Barcelona and Girona exhibited in ir facades placards of "freedom for political prisoners", as well as urge to withdraw those that were outside headquarters of TV3. A television labeled "negligent" by Electoral board, which has stated that "it produces confusion between legal reality and anor purported reality" and that it has banned its journalists from referring to Carles Puigdemont and destitute directors as "Govern in "Exile."

Rafael Ribó, Catalan ombudsman, has questioned some of se decisions. "They could be framed outside ir competences and even passed constitutional legality," said Catalan ombudsman, who riveted: "We are faced with previous censorship of content and various expressions, in terms of candidates, means "Communication and even citizenship."


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