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Socialist presidents see it as difficult to reach a financing agreement

Positions are disparate among its seven autonomous governments

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Socialist presidents see it as difficult to reach a financing agreement

Everyone urgently calls for a new model of regional funding, but at same time skepticism prevails among presidents of socialist-ruled communities about possibilities of reaching an agreement. The PSOE concentrates most of territorial power, with seven governments, whose positions on financing, as in PP, are disparate. The Socialist leadership has been willing to seek agreement with popular, while several presidents are asking to negotiate in Fiscal Policy Council.

The disposition is total and necessity in some socialist communities, like Valencian One, is imperative, but in autonomous governments of PSOE re are important difficulties to that executive and communities can reach an agreement for a new Autonomic financing model. In order to meet needs of all autonomies, government has to put a number of billions of euros on table and achieve to agree on all territories, where re are almost opposite visions above political sign. But in addition, Catalonia has no government with which to agree and closeness of autonomous elections puts even more presidents on guard. In socialist communities it is remembered that above parties no one will accept an agreement that does not satisfy interests of its citizens.

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In case of PSOE's communities, financing model separates Balearic Islands from rest in first place. The government of Francina Armengol defends principle of ordinality (according to which, although re are transfers between communities, if one is raised more than in anor, expense must be also greater and remain in same position in ranking after distribution) and , consequently, that levelling of resources of Territories is partial and not total. Armengol also asks for greater normative capacity of communities on taxes.

The second gap has to do with criteria for resource allocation. Asturias and Aragon are in tune in claim that new model is based on real cost of services per capita, for which criterion of depopulation and dispersion and ageing of citizens should be taken into account. A criterion that y share with Galicia and Castilla y León, governed by PP, with whose presidents y faced common in a meeting on February 27th.

On or hand, most populous communities — Andalusia and Valencian Community, in case of Socialists — defend criterion of population. The President of board, Susana Díaz, also argues that unemployment rate of each of territories must be taken into account, because Andalusia supports more pressure in its social services to serve unemployed families. To this y oppose, in principle, Asturias and Aragon, which also do not share main claim of Valencian Government of Ximo Puig: One removes of debt. The Asturian and Aragonese governments consider that selective removal would lead to cross-communal grievances. Puig was promised his support by Castellanomanchego Emiliano García Page. Extremadura puts emphasis on its part in recovering inter-territorial Compensation Fund as an instrument of cohesion.

Harmonizing all se territorial interests seems complicated, but also possible agreement has added difficulty for PSOE that several regional presidents, including Susana Díaz, argue that negotiation has to begin between and communities, and only n between parties. Diaz clearly expressed himself in an interview in country: "When I get to courts, it is clear that political parties will have ir role. But first it belongs to Council of Fiscal and financial policy and governments. "

The management of Pedro Sánchez has been prepared to negotiate and sign an agreement with Government, and its intention is to define a party policy with PP and n discuss territorial specificities in Fiscal Policy Council. But at same time time to open contacts with executive coincides with a turn in strategy of Sanchez, which has veered towards positions farr from PP. The PSOE leader has demanded this week Mariano Rajoy to submit to a question of trust if not It manages to approve budgets, and Socialists have just lifted mselves from negotiation of educational pact.


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