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State slows secessionism

The independentist bloc approved in Parlament this Friday the launching of a constituent process and proclaimed the Catalan Republic, as an independent and sovereign State

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State slows secessionism

The Catalan independence decided this Friday finally to stop peeking into abyss and to throw itself directly to him, in search of a confrontation derinder with state. The secessionist block approved, after anor plenary in which opposition requests to try to curb an illegal vote were ignored, start-up of a constituent process, and proclaimed " Catalan Republic, as an independent State and Sovereign. " Minutes later, Senate authorized Government — with majority contributed by PP, PSOE, and citizens — to apply measures in article 155. Mariano Rajoy gared an extraordinary Council of Ministers to take control of Generalitat, dissolve Parlament and convene autonomous elections for next 21st of December.

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If re was any hope of achieving a solution to crisis at last minute, it faded this Friday at noon when it was known resolution that Junts PEL Yes and CUP had written to take to plenary of Parlament. This time already without legal or semantic subterfuges, text expressed black on White will to carry forward an independent and sovereign Catalan Republic; and detailed steps necessary to promote constituent process that designed and anticipated law of legal transience suspended by Constitutional Court. Just knowing content of that clear-cut resolution of independence bloc, PSOE desisted from its attempt to amend in Senate, proposing its suspension in event of elections, application of article 155.

The opposition in Catalonia was prepared to give a sterile combat in a new parliamentary day with letters marked and result written in advance.

Widespread rejection of secession

Prosecutors. The three prosecutors ' associations expressed ir "frontal repulso" to "attack on rule of law" for unilaterally declaring independence of Catalonia (DUI) and stressed that y will remain faithful to constitution and rule of law.

PSOE. The leader of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, sent a message of "confidence": "The unity of Spain will prevail, Spain is not conceived without Catalonia or Catalonia without Spain". The president of Junta de Andalucía, Susana Díaz, described as "sad" what happened and was convinced that " legality will return to Catalonia." The Asturian president, Javier Fernandez, stressed that 155 "is not an option, it is an obligation."

PP. The spokesman of PP in Congress, Rafael Hernando, said that " seditious not quartered Spain" and that article 155 of Constitution "will rescue Catalonia from crime". The President of Congress, Ana Pastor, was "saddened," and said that rule of law "will prevail."

Citizens.  The President of citizens, Albert Rivera, called for restoration of legality in Catalonia with "Serenity, democratic firmness and no complex", as after 23-F.

UGT. UGT Secretary General Pepe Álvarez demanded "policy of height" to get out of situation.

we can. The Secretary general of We can, Pablo Iglesias, said that "re was no right" to Declaration of Independence and stressed that his training will continue to defend a "pacted referendum." The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, recalled that " DUI does not have majority support of Catalans."

United Left. IU's federal coordinator, Alberto Garzón, said DUI "lacks legal value," is "irresponsible" and supposes "a provocation."

Hey Bildu. The coordinator of EH Bildu, Arnaldo Otegi, said that Catalonia has shown that "building a state in Europe of 21st century" is possible and, refore, can also be done in Euskadi "if re is political will"

The apparent double legality that secessionists had tried to carry forward in recent months became a double reality this Friday. While Carles Puigdemont and Oriol Junqueras, who had only a few hours left as president and vice-president of Generalitat, celebrated with glee on steps of Parlament proclamation of independence — after vote in plenary, surrounded Of main protagonists of independence Challenge, and sang once more to choir Els Reapers, Senate approved in Madrid authorization to Government to apply necessary measures to intervene Generalitat, under umbrella of article 155. He did it with vast majority contributed by PP, PSOE, citizens and Canarian Coalition.

There was no applause at end of Senate plenary. The parliamentarians of PP, who during initial intervention of President of government, Mariano Rajoy, had shown an enthusiasm that did not correspond to gravity of moment, ended up infected with vertigo that had taken over entire upper house. This time it was serious, and response of state to Catalan insurrection was launched at a speed and a pace clearly higher than legal duel sustained between Madrid and Barcelona in recent months. The official State Gazette took only three hours to publish Senate agreement, and Council of Ministers was summoned in an extraordinary mid-afternoon session to immediately close open challenge bracket by Parlament with its resolution of Independence.

The Government of Rajoy, as it had announced when it finally embarked on road of 155, ordered immediate cessation of Puigdemont, Junqueras and rest of Govern; It approved necessary decisions to take effective control of Generalitat and Catalan administration; and announced, in an unexpected movement, decision to immediately dissolve Parlament and to convene autonomous elections in Catalonia by December 21st. It was most effective and fastest way, he explained later President, to restore legality and institutional normalcy in that community. Aware that this time an error was no longer possible, Rajoy also prepared a legal response to text approved by Catalan independence deputies. The executive also approved immediate submission of an incident of execution to Constitutional Court for purpose of suspending, and ultimately annulment, declaration of Independence.

Without international support

Thousands of people with banners were concentrating throughout afternoon in Plaza de Sant Jaume, before headquarters of Generalitat, to celebrate proclamation of Catalan Republic. His jubilation, however, did not surprise anyone this time, nor was it reciprocated by institutions and States of international community to whom independence had claimed attention and support in recent months. The President of European Council, Donald Tusk, was first to make clear that nothing had changed since viewpoint of Community institutions, and that his only valid interlocutor was Spain. The same forcefulness showed in cascade governments of Germany, France and United States.

Neir Mariano Rajoy nor international endorsements nor his two essential allies have failed to carry forward in coming months response of state to crisis: The Secretary general of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, and president of citizens, Albert Rivera, They emphatically condemned insurrection perpetrated in Parlament and government's commitment to curb it. "The union between compatriots will prevail." Catalonia will remain Spain, "Sánchez said shortly after decision of Senate was known.

During all this time, Rajoy has established as an indispensable priority to go from hand of Socialists at every step adopted, and so far, even though some shade of fracture arose before certain decisions — especially when trying to give A final departure to Puigdemont through call for autonomous elections — alliance of two main Spanish parties has remained steadfast. Along with m also has remained without cracks citizens. Rajoy wanted to express his gratitude last night for that support for Sanchez and Rivera.

The first challenge will come directly from street. Those responsible for secession attempt moved torch of ir offensive to partisan citizens of independence in Catalonia, aware that y were going to immediately lose power — by application of 155 — and amplification of ir purposes that So far it has given m right to be in charge of institutions and to direct ir attack on state. The independentist associations, especially ANC, collected glove immediately and made first calls for mobilization. The same minority union that it had tried in previous days to set in motion a long general strike called again a "country stop" that was not supported by main centrals.

Rajoy strove in his appearance, at last hour of afternoon, at same time announcing all measures that he was preparing to start, in transmitting a message of tranquility and of firmness. "The state has sufficient means," he said, "to restore legal normalcy and dissolve threats."

The government has entered unknown territory by activating, for first time in democracy, mechanism of constitutional coercion of 155. Given uncertainty that opens, Rajoy finally decided to accelerate to maximum return to normalcy with formula that all political, economic and social actors who support state claim: to summon Catalans to ballot box, under law, with guarantees, Neutrality and without clandestine ballot boxes


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