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Stress exploded

The stress used by people all over the world from 7 to 70 was fake, this time causing a great strase. Bluetooth technology, speaker and rechargeable battery technology.

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Stress exploded

Stress song popularized in 2017, It began to be seen in your hands. On request, various color and quality wheels have started to be sold all over the world market soon.

Manufacturers who push the diversity of the stress wheels to the next level and push their sales figures higher have managed to place Bluetooth technology into these wheels. In addition, a small Bluetooth-managed loudspeaker followed by a battery to power the speakerphone and wireless technology. The wheel, which has the ability to control via mobile devices on this track, is now becoming a smart device.

United States Living in the States, Kimberly Allums said that such a stress wheel exploded when charging. Indicating that he was charging for only 45 minutes, Allums stated that he burst out with a loud noise compared to the size of the wheel.

Note 7 explosions on the agenda of 2016 revived in people's memory. Families have to be careful with this danger created by these reeds that have become the junkie of many children at a young age. It is useful to note that it is known that the battery that is placed in the thing that causes the stress wheel to explode. This explosion does not cover all the stress song models.


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