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Students protest in Barcelona against the application of the 155

The demonstration changed its course to protest the possible decision of Puigdemont to convene early elections

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Students protest in Barcelona against the application of the 155

Academics and high school students (third and Fourth of ESO and high school students) have protested against application of article 155 in Catalonia this Thursday on streets of Barcelona. At start of protest, y were surprised by announcement that Carles Puigdemont, president of Generalitat, could convene elections. Finally, at an arraignment at government's headquarters, president has declared that he rules out call for elections.

After announcement that electoral appointment will not be given, protesters gared in Plaza de Sant Jaume burst into cries calling for independence.

The Plaza Sant Jaume reacts to president's speech carlespuigdemont with cries of independence.

— Guillem Andrés (@Guillem_Andres) 26 October 2017

The thousands of young people who had paralyzed classrooms from first hour of morning were in middle of day to Palau de la Generalitat, where y demanded that Puigdemont not be "traitor" and proclaim independence. The students were surprised by announcement of an appearance of Puigdemont-which was subsequently cancelled-before start of march y had planned. In interventions at Plaza Universitat, students claimed Puigdemont to declare Republic.

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After knowing news that Puigdemont would appear at 13.30-later, at 14.30, before canceling it- demonstration has advanced faster than usual in order to reach Plaza Sant Jaume before intervention of president. "Traitor" and "do not betray us Puigdemont" were some of songs that were heard most during march. Despite cancellation, y have decided to remain in square, according to SEPC (Union of students of Catalan countries), because "it is town organized in streets who will win Republic".

Before y made a stop at headquarters of Òmnium to deposit carnations and letters for Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, in prison for 10 days.

"We will always continue to serve people and with aim of Catalonia's independence," said Vice-President ANC, Agustí Alcovero, in front of headquarters of Òmnium. "We are with you and toger we ask to maintain struggle and organization and to continue working for freedom of prisoners and for freedom of Catalonia." "Long live Republic!" he added.

Irregular tracking

First thing in morning, some students from Autonomous University of Barcelona have picketed doors of some faculties to prevent access to classrooms. However, re were no incidents like this Wednesday on campus-at UAB was where re was more follow-up-when students momentarily cut off AP-7 highway and some verbal clashes were recorded between pickets and students who They wanted to go to class. Laila Navarro, a 20-year-old economics student, was hoping today to talk to pickets and go to class. "I am in favor of motive for strike, but so much strike tires and it is so much or more important to go to class because we are losing many classes," he points out.

The stoppages of this Thursday had also been seconded by Union of students of Catalan countries (SEPC)-majority on campuses-and platform Universitats by Republic, which agglutinates unions and several student organizations and has been Architect of student mobilizations of last weeks. In addition to rejection of central government's intervention, conveners also call for independence to be proclaimed.

In law school, security personnel had to intervene by making a cordon to allow access to students who wanted to go to class and avoid clashes with pickets that wanted to prevent it: "I'm not in favor of what you intend to get strike and" Nor of this method. I respect that re are people who do not want to go to class as long as y let those who want to go, let's go. "People are afraid and that's why y don't come and faculty is empty," acknowledged Gorka Samaniego, 21, and a student of law and political science, after crossing safety cordon that allowed him to attend class.

The students of UB were leaving this morning in several columns towards demonstration of Plaza Universitat, cutting traffic in one of senses of march of Avinguda Diagonal of Barcelona. Sergio Moreno and Alexia Martínez, colleagues at Faculty of Chemistry at UB, talk at center door about reason for strike. The young man still does not know wher to second stoppages. "I am not an independentist but what government did to stop referendum seemed surreal because it hurt a lot of people." I went to demonstration against charges but I found that strike was very focused on behalf of independence. "I don't know what to do," he recognizes. Alexia, on or hand, is clear. "I am an independentist for a month but I am not in favor of how it is posed by JxSí and ERC because it is a very bourgeois process." "But this is a way to break 78 regime and student sector has a key role," he says.

The secretariat of universities has ensured that follow-up of protests has been irregular. In University of Barcelona, teaching activity has been completely suspended in faculties of Philosophy and geography and history, but in or centers follow-up has been uneven, as in Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, where only half of Centers has been affected by PAROS. Pompeu Fabra says that in its campuses of Mar I Ciutadella, academic activity has been moderate and low in Poblenou. In Girona classes have been completely suspended only in faculties of Economic and Business sciences, education, psychology and tourism. At Rovira I Vigili University follow-up has been more intense on campuses of Bellisens, Sescelades and Terres de L'Ebre.

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