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Teruel resists

Converted into a demographic desert, the province demands actions not to extinguish itself

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Teruel resists

Miravete de la Sierra, town in which cry of "Teruel exists" was born four decades ago, today has only six neighbors and an average age above 80 years. Cristóbal Sangüesa, of 95, lives with his wife Herminia López, of 93, in same street in which last settlers concentrate. There is no ambulatory, doctor visits you at home and, if you have an emergency, you would have to wait for ambulance or helicopter. They can only buy bread two days a week — when a truck brings it — y have no coverage, much less Internet. To make a call with mobile phone you have to go up to highest part of town and to buy national newspapers headers need to travel 63 kilometers that separate m from Teruel. Miravete had more than 3,000 neighbors during 1970s mobilizations, which claimed investments and infrastructure for province. Now you can only hear buzzing of insects and water flowing through its stream.

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"We're only six. Soon we will die, and re will be no one left, "laments Sangüesa, a retired farmer and far of two children who emigrated when y were teenagers. "We want to repopulate Teruel, but to ask is not to give. What young people are coming here to work? "he wonders, accustomed to seeing empty square. Living in Maestrazgo, a mountain area, with roads of infinite curves, double meaning and without a shoulder, for which snow plows do not pass in winter, is not easy. Therefore, Sangüesa believes that Miravete is doomed to close in winter, but trusts to keep summers alive, as it is a quiet town, "very cool, very good, very healthy."

Inhabitants of whole province fear this future and have launched a new cry, almost agonizing, to call action and escape to an imminent death. Since 1977 have promoted Paros and a general strike in 2000, but what has worked best is slogan. The same claims in investments and infrastructures of late seventies were heard last Sunday in a demonstration in Zaragoza, with 40,000 people, who integrated all ideologies and counted on support of Justice of Aragon and Archbishop of Teruel. The HARTAZGO was shared sentiment. "Institutional oblivion stifles us," y demanded.

One of demands is communications. "We are only province capital without direct connection to Madrid by train, and we have slowest passenger trains in Spain, with an average of 70 kilometers per hour. The vertebrate train of Aragon, known as Tamagochi, in last 15 months has had 450 incidents, with 80 engine breaks and 100 mechanical breakdowns, "explains Manuel Gimeno, spokesman for ' Teruel exists ', committed to movement since it emerged.

"The problem is not only depopulation, it is also ageing and dispersion. We are very few, very old and very scattered, "resumes Gimeno, a retired rural physician. Teruel is a demographic desert, with an average of 9.2 inhabitants per square kilometer, and with almost 40% of villages with less than 100 inhabitants. The elderly die and young people leave for lack of opportunities, with a result of 100 inhabitants less a month in province, which has 100,000.

The lack of children in schools is greatest fear. At 15 kilometres from Miravete, school of Allepuz, with 50 inhabitants, has managed to stay alive thanks to a desperate call that city council launched a year and a half ago to attract families with children. There came two — one from Cullera (Valencia) and anor from Morocco that resided in a nearby town — with seven children, greatest hope for people, which now counts 10 children. Elisa Labad, aged 42, settled from Cullera with her husband and five children. She is delighted with change of life and welcome, as well as with possibility of having a big house to only 100 euros month and job opportunities — "I have not missed work".

Her 28-year-old neighbor Vanesa Novella lives with her two children and her husband, but her friends have left. There's no work. "They wanted to make a clay farm, but y only offer to take our clay to Castellón and work it in a factory re. There are also many people who work from home and could live here, but how are y going to do it without Internet or coverage? In past many worked to clean mountain to avoid wildfires, but now re is no help to clean mountains of Teruel, "explains young woman, who calls for more opportunities to avoid disaster.

The future of Bello, in region of Jiloca, hangs in a thread. He only has three children, who study toger in village classroom, belonging to a grouped Rural school (CRA) with 33 students from area. The three children give class toger despite having different ages. The moment in which loneliness is most appreciated is exit to recess, when Ibtisan (5 years) plays alone with football, while Miguel (4 years) eats an apple and Nayara (3 years) is entertained playing with sand.

One of his professors, Eduardo Gumiel, 29-year-old Logopeda, tells that y have a fixed tutor, and itinerant specialist professors, like him. "The future in general of all CRA that we are part of province of Teruel is very black — he says resigned — and closing a school of a village in end kills future of people." Gumiel, like vast majority of Teruel, seeks to make reality not only ' Teruel exists ', but also ' Teruel insists and resists ', and dreams of a future, although he recognizes that he does not have formula. "Who will listen to us, if we are only 100,000 people and our votes count for nothing?"

"If we had opportunities that ors have, we eat world"

The Teruel do not want to fall into discouragement, and flaunt ir tireless character. Manuel Gimeno puts two very clear examples of province's good work: airport and organ transplants. This city has an industrial aerodrome which is a European reference. He has opted for business activities, pilot training, aircraft testing, engines, rockets and drones, aerodynamics and parking services, recycling and aircraft scrapping. Between 2012 and 2015 Cuadriplicaron ir management revenues, air operations doubled between 2016 and 2017, generating around 180 direct jobs. The airport is "a miracle" to which y still hope to take more profit.

Although hospital of Teruel is subject of much of claims, it also gives reasons for hope. "We've been in 1982 with unfulfilled promises. They announce projects, y stop, and y have to compensate contracted companies. Between what has

Having been compensated and failed projects, more than 7 billion euros have been lost, "denunciation Gimeno, who was a transplant coordinator for 10 years. Despite bad conditions, he says that Hospital Obispo Polanco in Teruel beats Records of organ donations. "If we had opportunities that ors have, we eat world."


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