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The 3% was hatched in Catalonia "at the highest political level"

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The 3% was hatched in Catalonia "at the highest political level"

anti-Corruption and judge claim that plot of staged 'people of great power in CDC" who were paid to give "insider information"

Video: four keys to understand plot of 3%

Notice of multinationals from united states: could leave Catalonia in 24 hours

The anti-Corruption Office argues that plot of 3% was hatched "at highest political level" on part of members "influential, relevant, and with great power in Democratic Convergence of Catalonia (CDC)" which "percolated to privileged information" in exchange for commissions camouflaged through "foundations instrumental".

The judge investigating scandal just to endorse all of entries and records practiced on basis of a damning report by Public Ministry, which has had access to THE WORLD, that puts in value material involved, and details operation of raster.

anti-Corruption pointing to head of Catalan Government any time in raids, was confiscated a manuscript to one of contractors who, in 2014, left noted that "sell" your bid "at highest political level", indicating also identity of his interlocutor: "President".

Four keys to understanding plot of 3%

The anti-Corruption Office considered to be accredited until moment plot of 3% was plotted using "contacts at highest level in Catalan politics" filtered "insider information" to big businessmen in exchange for large commissions.

The Public prosecutor's office has prepared a report, which has been available to THE WORLD, that was just used by judge of El Vendrell , which directs case to endorse legality of last wave of registrations performed.

The raid most recent took place last month of February in some of largest contractors of public works investigated: Oproler, Group Soler, Copisa and Rogasa. These companies were seized accounting books, diaries, and computer equipment.

anti-Corruption highlights that confiscated material of some of top executives of se contractors "referred to meetings with people very influential and with great power in political party CDC (Convergéncia Democratic of Catalonia), in addition to or positions relevant". Referred to in this latter case, to cite a few examples, former treasurer of party Andreu Viloca or former council member convergent of Barcelona city Council Antoni Vives.

manuscripts intervened reveal contacts with dome nationalist

Especially illustrative in judgment of researchers is one of public competitions under suspicion, of tunnels in Plaza de las Glorias, which amounted to 65,6 million euros.

In this procedure, those involved will "allude", highlights prosecutors, to need to "sell UTE (Temporary joint venture) at highest political level" in an annotation dated November 25, 2014. To that add below in your own handwriting: "President".

The judge defends records and underscores value of material involved

The business coalition, which was finally benefit of which is considered as an "award unlawful", was composed by Copisa, Comsa, Benito Arno and Children and Rogasa".

In this same precise line anti-Corruption "a few days, one of December of 2014," one of managers of construction "confirmed by an" OK "for a meeting with Corsica to topic of Glories", in reference to that "in this street was headquarters of CDC".

Both references, "President" and "Corsica", which place weft in head of Catalan Government, were unveiled for first time by THE WORLD in September 2016.

In this sense is played continuously, in judgment of Prosecutor, same "modus operandi" in all contests tracked. Consisted, in summary, that successful bidders of public contracts rigged by government carried out deliveries of funds to "foundations instrumental from CDC". Thus, in aforementioned case of contest of tunnels of Glories, construction company Copisa "he gave up sum of 115,000 euros disguised in form of donation", when its executives boasted "a month before" tender "to be awarded two lots".

anti-Corruption highlights former ceo of Copisa, Xavier Tauler, as one of people "and performs role of 'facilitator' in Catalan public Administration, among or things due to his contacts with people of great social and political influence in Catalan society".

And he stresses that in or public works projects examined have been discovered, "up to four grants are issued in form of a check and covert in form of donations to foundations affiliated to political party CDC".

Giving fact that "such gifts on any occasion are performed on same day or day immediately subsequent" to date on which executives of construction companies met with former treasurer, Viloca.

The judge El Vendrell remember that in this case "is investigating alleged serious crimes, both by pain that might involve some of m, especially those of money laundering, bribery and embezzlement of public funds, as well as for legal right protected", for what it considers to be adjusted to Right of records performed in February of this year, and rejects appeals presented by involved.

Among m, procedural representation of Barcelona city Council or of Consistory of Torredembarra. Those resources requested " removal of all material obtained," and "leave without effect all errands".


  • agendas. Anti-corruption highlights, for example, annotation of top-manager of one of developers wrote in his diary: "I Sell UTE at highest political level. President" and boasted of having awarded "two batches" a month before one of big contests.
  • meetings. Manuscripts confiscated also reveal meetings with "Corsica", in reference to former headquarters of CDC, to rig a contest of 65.5 million euros to public.
  • deliveries. The Prosecutor's office stresses that have come across always with same 'modus operandi' consistent in that developers made substantial donations to "foundations instrumental from CDC" even "on same day or next day" to meet with treasurer Viloca.


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