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The anti-european flight of Puigdemont

Europe, according to the former Catalan president, is "a club of decadent, obsolete countries"

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The anti-european flight of Puigdemont

The speech of Carles Puigdemont and that of Europhobe as Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen are already practically indistinguishable. "The European project is in decline." The EU acts like mafia. It has no legitimacy, it's a scam that doesn't even respect democracy. It is a cold house, with little democracy inside, "said in perfect English Nigel Farage re for 2016. "The EU is a decadent club," he roared from his seat in parliament, French right-wing Marine Le Pen a few months ago in Strasbourg; "Europe is controlled by economic oligarchy," he wrote shortly reafter in New York Times. Robert Frost said that poetry is what is lost when translating a poem into anor language. Carles Puigdemont fits perfectly in that aphorism: The former president of Catalonia yesterday made a beautiful translation of Farage and Le Pen that hardly loses Eurosceptic poetry in an interview to Israeli public television channel 1 Kan, reproduced by vanguard. Europe, according to Catalan former president, is "a club of decadent, obsolete countries, in which y send a few, linked to increasingly contentious economic interests."

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But Puigdemont begins to go beyond words: He begins to suggest idea of a referendum on Catalonia's membership of EU; A Brexit to Catalan, something very similar also to what Pen claims for France, Wilders in Holland or each and every one of scores of ultra parties that have sprouted throughout Europe. This is last chapter of flight ahead of Puigdemont and his party, which sponsored independence of Catalonia under idea that European Union would recognize aspirations of nationalists and give legal lace to secessionism.

From re he went on to ask for mediation of Europe between Catalonia and Spain. When it became clear that Brussels was not going to participate in any of that began criticisms, which have gone up in tone to final ringlet: "Do not stop telling us that we are going to be out of EU, but who must make that decision are citizens of Catalonia" , as or citizens of Europe should freely take. Do you want to belong to this European Union or not? And under what conditions? "Let's see what people of Catalonia say."

The Eurosceptic drift of former president of Catalonia arrives, paradoxically, in full exile in Brussels to try to internationalise procés. Puigdemont was pursuing European institutions for ir cause; It happens that with his last interviews, plagued by attacks on Union, has achieved little more or less opposite. This is a concise summary of this Eurosceptic drift, which has coincided with defense of independence by Farage, Le Pen, Wilders and or ultrarightists of European Parliament.

September 2013: "A sovereign Catalonia will remain in euro". Puigdemont's political mentor, former president Artur Mas, defied EU at end of 2013 by ensuring that an independent Catalonia would continue "in euro"; "There should be no fear of being left out of Schengen [ free movement of persons agreement]". Secessionism has sponsored for years legal reports that were venturing that an independent Catalonia would never leave EU. The European Commission, since years of President Romano Prodi, says opposite: "When a territory of a Member State ceases to be part of that state, because it becomes an independent state, treaties will no longer apply to that new state." President Jean-Claude Juncker has been blunt about it: "An independent Catalonia would be outside EU".

January 2017: "Europe cannot look or way." Puigdemont was seized at all times by above-mentioned reports on an independent Catalonia within EU, euro and Schengen, but as independence referendum was preparing former president's sis was that both Brussels and Member States They would see secession with good eyes. "Independence is not at stake but democracy;" Europe will not be able to look or way. Little by little, independence bloc was claiming that Brussels mediated between Spain and Catalonia: "Europe will intervene with political dialogue at first, and facilitating legal lace later," said Puigdemont at beginning of year, when it was still declared " "Deeply European" and underlined "clear vocation of belonging of Catalonia in European project".

Puigdemont in Brussels: Criticism of EU begins. Brussels has never wanted to hear a single word of mediation. The European Commission has closed ranks with Mariano Rajoy, and both European Council and Member States have given a seamless backing to Spanish government, only somewhat tarnished by criticism of police charges of 1-O. As it became clear that independence speech did not fit in Europe came attacks of Puigdemont. The day of his arrival in his self-proclaimed exile from Brussels at end of September, he launched first darts against union. Since n, anti-european crescendo has not stopped. "Europe turns its back on Catalonia: The EU is only brave when it speaks of countries it has no competition with" (Interview with AP, 28 September). "Mr Juncker, is this EU one y want to build, one that supports a Spanish government that has given a coup d'etat?" (Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels, 7 November). "The EU is a caricature of what is Europe"; Its leaders "have corrupted founding values of Union" (Interview with ACN, November 12).

In presentation of list of PdeCat, this Saturday in a hotel near Bruges, launched something similar to an anti-european allegation: "Europe cannot pretend to continue giving lessons to China, Turkey or South America if it permits violations of civil rights in its own "Territory, in Catalonia." "Enough to allow it all to Spanish government." Will Juncker continue to validate legitimacy of 155 and a government that wants to condemn us to 30 years in prison for doing what our electoral program said in 2015?, he questioned. And yesterday culminated that drift and climbed last step in this escalation Eurosceptic: "The EU is insensitive to violation of human rights of democratic rights of a territory just because Spanish postfrancoal right is interested in it." The Catalans "should decide wher to squieren belong to this EU" and "under what conditions". "Let's see what people of Catalonia say," he said suggesting a referendum on Catexit.


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