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The audience of Navarre leaves the herd in provisional freedom

The five condemned will be able to immediately leave the prison in which they are since July 7, 2016

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The audience of Navarre leaves the herd in provisional freedom

The Provincial Court of Navarra has decreed provisional release, on bail of 6,000 euros and with precautionary measures, of five members of herd, who remained in prison after having been sentenced last April to nine years in prison for Sexually abusing and grouping a young woman in Sanfermines of 2016, as y have confirmed legal sources. The conviction for sexual abuse and not for aggression aroused a political and social storm, which led to mass demonstrations under slogan It is not abuse is rape.  Several feminist groups have already announced mobilizations for release of Condemned.

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The decision has been adopted by same sentencing tribunal and, as in case of conviction, has come forward by two votes against one, latter of President of Tribunal, José Francisco Cobo Sáenz, who advocated extension of provisional prison so Indefinite. The judge who in conviction issued particular vote favorable to acquittal of members of herd, Ricardo Gonzalez, has now supported provisional freedom, like Raquel Fernandino, who n voted in favor of condemnation to young Sevillians . The magistrates consider that re are no circumstances of risk of escape or of criminal reiteration. The provisional Freedom car has not been disclosed and according to legal sources will be notified on Friday morning.

The decision of Pamplona hearing is appealable to Civil and Penal Chamber of High Court of Justice of Navarra, but this resource, if it is presented, does not suspend execution of provisional Freedom now decreed, according to sources of Prosecution. Therefore, condemned will be able to leave prison at moment when each one of m deposites 6,000 euros of bail. A bailiff has moved this Thursday to prisons of Pamplona and Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, where two of condemned to be one of m military and anor Civil Guard) to communicate decision to prisoners mselves.

In addition to bail of 6,000 euros, court imposes to condemned persons obligation to appear on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in court of guard nearest to his domicile. They also impose a prohibition on entering community of Madrid, prohibition of communicating with victim, withdrawal of passport and prohibition of leaving national territory without judicial authorization.

The five young sevillians who call mselves herd remain inmates since y were arrested on 7 July 2016, just hours after events of which were sentenced to nine years ' imprisonment for sexual abuse with But y were acquitted of crime of sexual assault. The condemned have appealed sentence, which was made public on 26 April, five months after trial.

José Ángel Pledge, Alfonso Cabezuelo (military), Antonio Manuel Guerrero (Guardia Civil), Jesus Escudero and Ángel Boza, aged between 24 and 27 when facts occurred and three of m with a criminal record, were freed from being condemned by Violation.

Last Monday, audience began to study petition for release of lawyers defending condemned. The view of this appeal was presided over by magistrates of Provincial Court of Navarre who issued sentence. The magistrates have assessed, among or circumstances, risk of escape from convicts, destruction of evidence or criminal recurrence.

On 1 December 2017, after oral hearing of trial held in November, Provincial Court of Navarra rejected release of five defendants as y had also requested ir defenses.

Differences between harassment, abuse and aggression.  Differences between harassment, abuse and aggression


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