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The Civil guard figures in half a million the cost of advertising the referendum

The calculation includes the announcement issued by TV3 to promote the consultation and the campaign on the registration of Catalans abroad

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The Civil guard figures in half a million the cost of advertising the referendum

Media advertising campaigns on illegal referendum last October 1 cost 502,639 euros. After analyzing invoices and hearing statements from senior officials and businessmen, Guardia Civil has been able to figure out, for first time, public money allegedly employed to announce consultation on independence. The calculation includes both announcement issued by TV3 to promote referendum-suspended by Constitutional Court-as previous campaign on registration of Catalans abroad.

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"You were born with ability to decide, will you give it up?", could be read in announcement issued last September by TV3. The phrase appeared on a railroad crossing and invited to participate, without naming it, in referendum. In a second version of ad it was word "Referendum 1-O". The total cost of campaign was 277,804 euros, according to Guardia Civil.

The announcement was made "under budget of program contract" that Generalitat maintains with Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA), entity that manages TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio. The report, which already works in power of judge of Barcelona investigating referendum and structures of state, points out that emissions "were authorized by Department of Presidència" directed by Jordi Turull, imputed by Supreme Court for Rebellion and Sedition.

To achieve broadcast, agents emphasize, Catalan government "transacted, as a matter of urgency" a dossier despite knowing that it was "a clear unfair resolution" which, in his opinion, can constitute offences of prevarication and disobedience. The contract was finally awarded to Focus Media "activating an old framework contract" with that company for 2.2 million. The campaign had been framed in a project to promote "civics", although it was not finally developed and only announcement was disseminated.

Antoni Molons, n secretary of Public outreach and attention of Generalitat, told Civil guard that campaign only intended to "promote civics among people". Molons added that advertisement broadcast was authorized by Turull.

Vote abroad

The report also points out campaign, which appeared in press, on registration of Catalans abroad. The "creativity, management and publicity" of this campaign "were created with clear purpose of spreading a message closely related to 1-O referendum," report concludes. The total cost of that previous campaign was 224,835 euros. Most of that amount (130,000 euros) was also taken by Focus Media company.

The request for insertion of publicity was made by Generalitat on proposal of Molons and two or responsible: general director of diffusion, Ignasi Genovès, and head of diffusion, Jaume Mestre, according to Guardia Civil.


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