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The Civil Guard now points to Elsa Artadi for her role in the referendum

Puigdemont's campaign manager received instructions from the 1-O brain

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The Civil Guard now points to Elsa Artadi for her role in the referendum

Elsa Artadi is also in Civil Guard's sights. The chief of Campaign, Member of Parliament and person of maximum confidence of expresident Carles Puigdemont appears quoted in last report delivered to judge of Supreme Court Pablo Llarena. The researchers point out a telephone conversation on night of September 6, 2017 between Artadi and Josep Maria Jové, considered mastermind of organization of 1-O. In this communication, Artadi-which was n one in charge of coordinating departments of Generalitat-asks Jové when it has to publish decree of convocation of referendum.

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As organizer, Jové was interested in knowing firsthand when that decree was to be published because "it depended on firm to activate things" and because "I had to send letters to all mayors" of Catalonia to know if y were going to give up locals for vote , according to Civil guard analysis. The call came at 23.36 hours on 6 September, "coinciding with moment in which decrees of disconnection laws in Parliament of Catalonia were being signed," report recalls.

In call, Artadi relocates that adviser Jordi Turull has indicated to him that it is Jové who has to "supervise" correct date to publish decree of summoning referendum. The n General manager asks if date should be on September 6th or 7th. Jové, number two of Vice-President Oriol Junqueras, replied that "y were prepared to send letters" and that decree "had to be published already". Artadi tells him that y will publish it "when he has been able to raise machine", what he thinks will happen "in one hour", and that in any case it shall be put "to date of today" [Day 6], according to details of call that appear in annexes to report referred to judge.

Jové 's suggestion was accepted. That same night, Generalitat sent a letter to all Catalan town halls in which it gave m a period of 48 hours to confirm if y could have, like polling stations, premises of municipal ownership. The document, recalls Civil guard, was signed by Puigdemont and Junqueras.

Artadi, whose name sounds as an alternative to Puigdemont to preside over Generalitat, has already been included in a previous report, also in hands of judge. The agents included congresswoman in a list of 32 people of "interest for research", because ir names are quoted in emails of anor of architects of independence process, former secretary of Finance Lluís Salvadó.


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