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The Civil guard raises to 1.9 million the embezzlement in the referendum of the 1-O

A new report argues that Junts PEL was able to use subsidies to cover expenses of the independentist consultation

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The Civil guard raises to 1.9 million the embezzlement in the referendum of the 1-O

The Guardia Civil has raised to 1.9 million euros public funds that Generalitat of Catalonia allegedly embezzled during presidency of Carles Puigdemont for organization and celebration of Catalan independence referendum of October 1, 2017. Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena has lifted secret of a piece focused on embezzlement he kept open to concretize details of public money that was supposedly invested in preparation and conclusion of consultation declared illegal By Constitutional Court. In March armed institute already encrypted alleged embezzlement in 1.6 million.

More information
  • The supreme requires Montoro to explain why he says that public money was not used in illegal referendum
  • The German court doubts wher it can deliver to Puigdemont for embezzlement
  • The Civil guard concludes that Turull embezzled 1.4 million in referendum

The new report, which has been accessed by country and which adds a total of 269,133.68 euros in several games, is known a day after Judge Pablo Llarena required Minister Cristóbal Montoro information on which he bases his claim that money was not used Públic Or to cover illegal consultation. In ir writing, agents warn that some of figures collected are only estimates or re is no evidence that y were paid.

The nearly 300,000 euros difference between allegedly embezzled money that Judge Paul Llarena picked up in his indictment of independence leaders and new report of Civil Guard leave to add different games of which until now had no Knowledge investigation. The expenditure that agents have most credited is investment in participation of international observers for referendum. Until now, investigators have been encrypted in 119,700, but in new documentation sent to judge, y raise it to 217,656.22 after including two new expenses: a commitment of payment of 47,365 euros and 40,951 euros for logistic expenses (flights, hotels and acts of Observers).

In its report, Civil guard admits that while it has been possible to identify a number of people who acted as international observers, "it has not been possible to determine totality of participants, due to refusal by Diplocat to facilitate Data. " The agents place foreign Minister of Institutional and External relations Raül Romeva, currently in pre-trial detention, as "last responsible" of two institutions to which se expenses are imputed (delegation of Government of Generatitat of Gataluña to European Union and Diplocat).

One of new items that agents include in his report corresponds 17,690.20 euros to rent Teatro Nacional de Catalunya for celebration of an act to encourage participation in referendum, an assignment that was signed by Director of President Jordi Turull, who Llarena sent to prison on 23 March. This money, according to investigation, was paid by parliamentary group Junts PEL Yes and Guardia Civil believes that, this group "has been able to use money from public subsidies" to deal with this payment ". "The parliamentary group Junts PEL if it has to be held annually to parliamentary table, of accounting related to subsidies that it perceives, so that latter has to be aware of destination of public subsidies received By parliamentary group Junts PEL Yes and if y have been used to cover expenses of acts related to referendum, like one held at National Theatre of Catalonia, "warn agents.


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