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The constitutional gives the approval to the reform of the Parlament regulation

The government resorted to amending Article 135.2 in considering that it violated the right of political representation in the Constitution

- 19 reads.

The constitutional gives the approval to the reform of the Parlament regulation

The Constitutional Court (TC) considers that reform of Parlament regulation, approved by Junts PEL Yes and CUP on 26 July and appealed later by government, "is not unconstitutional."

The plenary of Tribunal, unanimously, interprets that new wording of article 135.2, which allowed house to vote without hardly any debate on laws of rupture, is in conformity with Constitution. The state's advocacy appealed to it by not expressly providing for possibility for parliamentary groups to submit amendments to Bills of law processed by means of single-reading procedure, a circumstance that Government considered It violated right of political representation of art. 23.2 of Constitution.

With this reform sovereigntists parties could pass laws urgently, with only one debate and in one day, only with ir votes and in spite of rejection of rest of groups of camera. The constitutional ruling indicates that drafting of amended article "does not mean that it excludes possibility of articulating a process of proposing amendments and debating m."

The text that Parliament adopted does not mention anything about process of amendments, but TC considers that "silence" does not mean that "dispense of it". It is now up to Catalan chamber, says tribunal, "to regulate phase of amendments in relation to processing of propositions of law by procedure of single reading". If it were not regulated or excluyesened, n Constitution would be violated by restricting "notably powers of minority participation in legislative procedure".

The president of Parlament, Carme Forcadell, has shared news about ruling in a tweet in which he commented: "It took four months to confirm a truism: that what already exists in Congress and 14 autonomous Parliaments is also legal in Catalonia ".

Han calgut quatre mesos per Confirmar a obvietat: That which ja Existeix al Congrés i a 14 parlaments autonòmics Tambe is legal to Catalunya. Https://

— Carme Forcadell (@ForcadellCarme) 29 November 2017

The Constitutional Court admitted on 31 July appeal submitted by Government against article on reform of Chamber, which provides for express approval of laws of disconnection, so that reform has been suspended in an interim manner. The High Court of Justice of Catalonia notified Parliament of its suspension.


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