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The constitutional maintains by now the delegated vote of Puigdemont and ate

The Tribunal accepts the appeal of citizens against the possibility that the fugitives can vote, but postpones the precautionary measures

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The constitutional maintains by now the delegated vote of Puigdemont and ate

Carles Puigdemont and Toni Comin will be able to vote in Parliament's inauguration plenary. The Constitutional Court has admitted, unanimously, appeal submitted by citizens against delegation of vote of two deputies fled but has not agreed to suspension of delegation of vote that group of Albert Rivera had requested as a measure Cautelarísima. The Tribunal has opened a separate piece to study that suspension as a precautionary measure, but it will not be done immediately as Cidadanos claimed.

The Board of Parliament agreed in April to accept thin vote of Catalan former president after he was arrested in Germany and deprived of Euroorden's freedom of execution. Puigdemont considered that its situation was homologable to that of or deputies in remand in Spanish territory and to which Supreme Court had opened door to be able to delegate vote when assimilating its situation to that of a "prolonged inability" stipulated in Parliament's rules of procedure to delegate vote. Ate, although he was never in prison in Belgium, he also welcomed this prerogative and requested delegation on 24 April.

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  • Esquerra refuses anor investiture of Puigdemont and calls for a negotiation
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  • The Council of State guarantees to resort to constitutional reform for investiture distance of Puigdemont

In a Providence, constitutional states that appeal presented by citizens poses a problem that affects a facet of a fundamental right, so it agrees to admit it in process. The tribunal gives three days of term to Parlament to refer certification of agreements of delegated vote. In addition, it gives 10 days to camera or to or groups in case y want to be a person in procedure.

With se deadlines and opening of separate piece for precautionary, constitutional will not decide wher or not to suspend vote of Puigdemont and ate before, on May 22, deadline for Parlament to elect a president and avoid repetition of election S. The next plenary of constitutional, where he could decide on delegated vote, is set for that 22nd of May.

On or hand, constitutional has also admitted to proceedings on Tuesday resources of amparo of Catalan exvicepresident Oriol Junqueras and candidate for presidency of Generalitat Jordi Sànchez against pre-trial detention and prohibition of supreme to Let m come to Parliament. The tribunal has opened a Separarada piece to study possible suspension of preventive prisons of both.


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