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The Court of Auditors seized the housing of Artur Mas in the case of 9-N

The auditing body locks the buildings that were designated by the Exadvisors to cover the bond of 5.3 million

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The Court of Auditors seized the housing of Artur Mas in the case of 9-N

The Court of Auditors has ordered housing embargo of former president of Generalitat Artur Mas, in street Tuset of Barcelona, to face part of bond of 5,270,000 euros that maximum body of auditing of state imposed on cause by MA (l) Use of public funds in sovereignty consultation of 9 November 2014, as confirmed by legal sources. The body that is watching over good destiny of budget has also seized half of a property of former president and deputy director Francesc Homs in Taradell (Barcelona) and farms of exadvisors Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau in Barcelona and Ribes de Fresser ( Girona). The four were sentenced to penalties of disqualification for disobedience by courts of Justice for preparing that illegal consultation.

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  • The Court of Auditors will investigate wher 2.2 million bail of Mas comes from public subsidies

All se assets were voluntarily designated by those who were responsible for completely covering bail imposed on m by supervisory body. The Court of Auditors has also locked a property of a former high office of Generalitat that allegedly allowed funds to come out for 9-N, Jordi Vilajoana. This, however, was not pursued in his day by penal route. The investigated managed to deposit in cash 2.9 million euros. The rest have had to guarantee it with ir properties and real estate.

The embargo of se houses and farms, registered in register of property, does not imply eviction of ir owners. The case in Court of Auditors is in investigation phase. It will be after stage of prosecution, and if agency ends up considering m to be responsible for misuse of public funds, when members of Catalan government will expose mselves to remain without those assets.

Legal sources say that will of politicians is that high positions y worked on ir orders did not have to bail out. "It should be emphasized that liquidation and guarantee and, refore, embargo is provisional as a result of accounting judgement itself that has not yet begun", emphasizes a lawyer.

The prosecutor's Office has to file a lawsuit to open prosecution phase. The defenses are "absolutely dissatisfied with settlement" by understanding that re has been no accounting infringement. "This is especially evident in relation to 3.1 million that are claimed by computers that are in power of Department of Education and affection for a public service," lawyers point out. The defenses recall that "all contracts and invoices" are prior to Providence of 4 November 2014 of Constitutional Court that banned independentist consultation, which was held anyway.


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