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The CUP ensures that Catalonia's independence will be proclaimed on Monday

Junts PEL Yes and the CUP ask for a plenary to Puigdemont value the results of October 1

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The CUP ensures that Catalonia's independence will be proclaimed on Monday

Junts PEL Yes and CUP have registered in Parlament request for appearance of president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, for next Monday and to assess celebration of referendum on October 1 and detail "effects" of same. The only point of day of plenary is appearance of Puigdemont but, according to deputy of CUP Mireia Buoy, plenary will serve to "proclaim independence and Catalan Republic." Anticapitalists have admitted that y are aware that in coming days re may be "detention or disabling" scenarios, but y have reiterated that ir goal is that plenary meeting on Monday, 9 October will be held equally.

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In an appearance in Parlament, deputies Benet Salellas and Mireia Boya have recognized that y have maintained discrepancies with Junts PEL Yes because CUP had held plenary "as soon as possible". Salellas has rejected that his idea of convening session is no longer to anticipate any measure of state-"We will do same"-and has recalled that y are a "small piece of gear". However, CUP has called on citizens to mobilize permanently and defend results of referendum. "Mobilization, mobilization and mobilization," parliamentarian reiterated. Salellas has pointed out that sovereignty of citizens of Catalonia has never been so at stake and has blamed structures of state to be orchestrating a "collective punishment" strategy against population crowned by king's discourse. "This is not about Rajoy or PSOE." It goes from all institutions, judges and prosecutors who have not investigated vulneaciones of human rights.

Between doing nothing and being willing to break our face, we opted for this second option, says Albiol

The CUP has emphasized that y are still studying with Junts PEL itself structure of plenary in which y want to proclaim independence. Parliamentary sources have explained that at meeting of Mesa JxSí — which has a majority in this body — has remarked that Puigdemont wishes to address plenary to assess results of referendum, suspended by Constitutional Court and to detail "effects" Of application of same, in accordance with law of referendum. The president will offer an institutional statement at 21.00 Hours this Wednesday, to be broadcast by TV3, as confirmed by government sources.

The three parties of opposition, citizens, PSC and PP, are presented reconsideration writings to table of Chamber so that plenary is not celebrated that y have been dismissed. At 15.30, a spokespersons ' meeting is convened, which, now yes, will set agenda for session. Xavier García Albiol, leader of Partido Popular, has been blunt. "Independence is not going to take place on 9th, 10th or 8th," said senator forcefully, who has expressed his confidence to government of Mariano Rajoy and "democratic institutions" to make most convenient decision. "It is not as important as we do but final result," he said, justifying use of force as a legitimate instrument of State. "And it has to be that those who are perpetrating coup end up paying consequences, to re-establish democracy in institutions of Generalitat and in shortest time desirable to try to return to normal."  And he said that, faced with such a huge dilemma, he said: "Those of us who are going to have it harder is people's Party." "Between doing nothing and being willing to break our faces, we prefer this last option."


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