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The day the streets were from them

8-M was lived in multiple ways throughout Spain between the festive and the vindicative with the common element of female protagonism

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The day the streets were from them

The mobilization of women on 8 March was lived in many different ways throughout Spain. From men who gave coverage to women so y could strike a montage of crosses on a beach in Castellón that reminded all women killed by ir partners in last decade.

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Strike Care

The home care has been this Thursday man thing. In 15 self-managed houses in city of Madrid, groups of men organized nursery services, bar, dining or rest so that women could also do "care strike". The atmosphere was partying, of men delivered to cause of day. After talking for a while, y said for example that day did not want to leave, y did not want to be spokespeople, was day only of "m". "We should not be ones who speak today," said a young volunteer in center occupied ungovernable, in center of Madrid.

The obligations were also not terribly difficult: some house had to take care of 50 children throughout day or prepare garlic soup, ham or vegan lentils for a hundred people. The volunteers were arriving with cooking pots or to take care of children while y were preparing slogans for banners or picketing in neighborhood. Libertad had left for Vallecas to inform women who went to work in a company of Teleoperators, in a health center or in supermarkets: "It was very nice to see how y told you that y wanted but y could not strike because of ir precarious situation," he said.

"To be a rabbit, y have a very good rice," said a lady in Space Dialektica de Vallecas, where y prepared a paella for more than 100 people, who was rabidly applauded.

At Eva Center in Arganzuela, re were at first hour more than 30 children and teenagers who were re because ir parents wanted m to strike and had opted not to go to school. In afternoon, Eva was practically empty because families took ir daughters to central manifestation. The playground seemed like a battlefield. It was a holiday.

The day served to visualize how rare a day with only men in charge of daily tasks. "It is true that we have to change because next paella will cook especially women," said Santi, reports Jordi Pérez Colomé.

Crosses for murdered

The Association Femme Força placed in beach of Fortí of Vinaròs, to north of Castellón, 739 white crosses of cardboard and of wood, one for each woman murdered at hands of his partner or excouple in Spain in last decade. The facility occupies an area of 2,800 square meters and will remain re until Sunday.

Women protest this Thursday before cadral of San Sebastián. TWITTER Europa Press

The names of victims of male violence between 2007 and 2017 and, in some cases, ir assassins can be read at Las Cruces. Among names of symbolic cemetery is that of Katharina, murdered in Vinaròs on 24 November of a shot by his former boyfriend, who traveled from Germany to end his life. The initiative, explained Lara Doménech, is to raise awareness. "We have to do a tremendous pedagogical work. There is no real association between macho conduct and murder, "reports Maria Pitarch.

Pickets in Catalonia

In Barcelona, student mobilization for feminist strike has forced some businesses to shut down. Thousands of students were concentrated at noon in Plaza Universidad, where y began a march to Plaza de Sant Jaume, where unions were concentrated. As demonstration progressed, students organized pickets to call strike to trade workers in centre of Barcelona. In tourist areas like Portal de L'Àngel, la Rambla or Plaza de Catalunya, most of shops opened normally early in morning, and women went to ir jobs. There were exceptions, such as some bookstores or shops that looked like posters on doors: "If women stop, world will stop," he read in a jewellery shop in district of El Born.

Faced with this scarce monitoring in commercial establishments, pickets of demonstration of students pressed and y managed that some stores closed. Thus, y lowered blinds of shops like women's Secret and Bershka in street of Pelayo or supermarket Carrefour and Chains of Restoration Pans Company, Starbucks or McDonald's of Rambla, reports Josep Catá.

Vindicative Ninot

Rags, buckets, mops, scrubbing gloves, cleaners and diapers. These are parts of small ninot that five feminist organizations of Cadiz have mounted in square of toothpick of city to visualize that strike of this 8 of March also covers domestic care in ir demands. "We wanted to show that a lot of all se materials are used by us in work at home. And not only re, also in many works that are precarious, invisible and not seen as important, "recognized Lorena Garrón, spokesman of coffee feminist of Cadiz, one of entities convening events in Cadiz. Up to a thousand people gared in square of toothpick in a concentration, before demonstration of afternoon. In midday Act, different groups were gared, such as teachers, journalists, cleaners and students who read different manifestos in favour of equal pay and against job precariousness or sexual abuse against women, Jesús Cañasreports.

University equality

The Spanish university has progressed "in a meaningful way, but effective equality is still far from being a reality." This is recognized by Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) in manifesto of his institution on occasion of 8-M. The rector of University of Granada, Pilar Aranda, accompanied by Roberto Fernandez Díaz, president of CRUE, said Thursday that commitment of universities is to "continue working for equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in The university community. "

The CRUE recognizes that gender imbalance is evident both in research and academic careers as well as in governing bodies of universities. Of 50 public campuses, only four are women-run; Only one in five chairs are occupied by women and, finally, number of Decanas or central directors is very scarce. In this sense, text read by Aranda considers it necessary to "situate gender equality as a strategic priority" and to do so aims to remove "all obstacles that still prevent achieving real and effective gender equality in university, in To achieve a balanced representation of women and men in various governing bodies and to achieve greater visibility of women's contributions to science, "reports Javier Arroyo.

Naked against Munilla

At time of Angelus, minute up minute down, a score of women were planted on steps in cadral of Buen Pastor, in San Sebastián. Placed in line in front of temple, y began to undress from waist up. And of that guise, to bare chest, y starred one of most followed actions in social networks. The young women of collective feminist Emakumeok Planto! (Women's plant), made protest in response to statements made this week by Bishop of San Sebastián, José Ignacio Munilla, against "radical feminism," reports Mikel Ormazabal.

Snacks for m

A dozen university students, all males, prepared and handed over 300 sandwiches to ir companions after demonstration held at noon in University City of Madrid. The food, free, was financed by student associations, but it was short, as more than a thousand women participated in Pasacampus that left botanist and concluded before rectory of Complutense University. Quiet sister, here's your herd!, protesters chanted, referring to multiple rape defendants in 2016 Sanfermines. "It's our way of giving m support, but protagonists are m," explained Luis, a 19-year-old physics student, reports Miguel González.


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