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The director of the CNI appears for the ' Corinna case ' in the commission of Official secrets

Ione Belarra Replace Irene Montero in the meeting, which will be closed door

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The director of the CNI appears for the ' Corinna case ' in the commission of Official secrets

The director of National Intelligence Center (CNI), Félix Sanz Roldán, appeared from five in afternoon to closed door before commission of Official Secrets of Congress for recordings to friend of King Juan Carlos Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, in which He claims that he has money in tax havens and used her as figurehead for resisting in Monaco. In recordings, carried out by Deputy Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, who is in custody for crimes of criminal organization, money-laundering and capital-making, Corinna criticizes performance of Spanish secret services with her.

His appearance is celebrated after Chamber of lower house has chosen this morning deputy spokesman of United we can, Ione Belarra, to replace Irene Montero — maternity leave — as representative of this parliamentary group. The plenary of Congress has approved by 309 votes in favor, three in white and 12 null.

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The members of Commission of Official secrets, whose official name is commission of appropriations destined for reserved expenses, are spokespersons of groups elected by plenary of Congress, in addition to President of Chamber, Ana Pastor. This afternoon you will be able to ask Sanz Roldán deputies Rafael Hernando (PP), Juan Carlos Girauta (Citizens), Joan Tardá (ERC), Aitor Esteban (PNV), Jordi Xuclà (PDeCAT) and Bellarra.

Sanz Roldán, head of intelligence services since 2009, attends Congress on his own request after knowing recordings, published by Spanish and OK daily. In audios, Sayn-Wittgenstein reveals that n head of state had an opaque financial structure and that he would have put part of his patrimony in his name. Also, that far of Felipe VI would have used fiscal amnesty of government of 2012 to repatriate capital or that it charged commissions in works of Spanish companies carried out abroad, like construction of bird with Mecca.

It is not first time that Sanz Roldán goes to Congress to talk about Corinna, since on March 19 he already appeared in Official secrets to deny any connection of intelligence services with her. The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, said about appearance of this evening that Félix Sanz is "a servant of state" and declare with "absolute transparency, all rigour and telling truth of what he knows." Moreover, he warned that "state will never admit any kind of blackmail."

United we can, ERC, Compromís, PDeCAT and EH Bildu requested on Monday creation of a parliamentary committee of inquiry in Congress on this matter. These formations exceed 70 votes required to formalize a commission's request. To m was added on Tuesday PNV, increasing pressure of groups that supported motion of censure that made President Pedro Sanchez.

The PSOE will not take a step until you hear Felix Sanz Roldán in that body. The party joined PP's votes last week at congressional table to prevent Minister of Finance, María José Montero, from reporting on se fiscal anomalies. The decision was made on basis of a report by lawyers of House on basis that Constitution establishes in article 53.6 that " person of King is inviolable" and "is not subject to responsibility", as well as in reserved character of data , reports or antecedents obtained by tax administration, as stipulated in article 96 of General tax law.

Now table, in which PP and PSOE have majority, has to qualify request on creation of a commission of inquiry. In case of overcoming filter, initiative would be discussed in Chamber plenum. United we can trust that this body does not go initiative. His deputy Rafael mayoral alleges that inviolability of Juan Carlos is restricted to activities prior to his abdication in June 2014 and that since n is a graduated and, consequently, can be judged by Supreme Court.

In an event organized by New Economy Forum, government spokesman, Isabel Celaá, yesterday avoided answering wher President Sanchez has dealt with Felipe VI issue of recorded conversations. The Minister of Education and Vocational Training has sent director of CNI to appearance "at his own request" before question of wher PSOE will support creation of a motion of censure. "We will hear him, parliamentary groups will listen and PSOE decide how to act," he said.

Meanwhile, judge of national Audiencia Diego de Egea has asked digital newspapers recordings allegedly made in London in 2015 that were published on day 11 between excuratorial José Manuel Villarejo and friend of King Juan Carlos. De Egea investigates Villarejo for creating a criminal organization to get and sell confidential information using his police status.

Sanz Roldán, aged 73, and Villarejo, 66, have never seen faces. They could have done it yesterday Tuesday, when first came to court of instruction number 48 in Madrid to ratify complaint that prosecution has filed against second for libel. The police officer was quoted as being investigated immediately after, but he sent a medical report from prison where, since November, he has been remanded in custody for crimes of Cofaction, money laundering and criminal organization.

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